Have the clear sky thunderstorms returned?

Flying from Panama City to Destin this morning using real weather. A little haze at or around ground level and scattered at around 10,000 ft. Lightning crashing all around me. Last night I had flown the reverse route and it was real thundery clouds with lightning so I didn’t think too much although by the time I had reached Panama City I had cleared the nimbus and still had lightning with scattered low level clouds.

I thought we had sorted this out?


Sitting on the ground (thanks to the last update, testing and not flying) at PHHN the other day and witnessed lightning crashing around me on a perfect day with live weather enabled. I was wondering the same thing.

Since then I’ve started numerous flights at the same location and have not been able to duplicate the event.

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I’ve noticed their return as well.

Not really here. I did fly over some very severe cumulous storms between Phoenix and New Mexico. I did see a couple of strikes way down there but heard nothing. I used to experience thunder and lightning in clear weather a few months ago but no more.

If I remember correctly, I believe they said it was an ongoing effort. They have adjusted it but it could still occur under some circumstances. I think I encountered one time since the initial fix.

Nope, the lightning in mostly clear skies never left. They reduced the amount that lightning appears overall, but you could still find clear air thunder since lightning was introduced to Live Weather. They band-aided the bug rather than fix it.

It appears that the Live Weather lightning is based on some meteorological parameter, but the simulator is not properly checking to see if there are actually thunderstorm clouds also present.

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I had it happen a lot over the Pacific, wispy thin clouds, lot of lightning. It’s gone now again (had some actual thunderstorms, lot of rain, now normal clouds no lightning)

I’m getting clear sky thunderstorms with live weather often. I’m also getting really bad storms just about everywhere I fly lately. I’m looking at the real weather map right now, and there isn’t precipitation within 500 NM of me, but I’m in the middle of a heavy rain and gray skies in-game. Been like that for several straight flights.

Make sure these are reported to zendesk. When the last batch of areas with lightning got fixed, the developers wanted reports of other areas. There is a topic in #bugs-and-issues:weather here to add photos and GPS data too. After submitting to zendesk post in this topic: