Have to restart PC about every 3 - 4 flights

As the subject says, I can fly multiple flights just fine, close the Sim, but when it tries to load the new flight it hangs at the very end, just before showing the plane on the runway. I MUST restart the PC, and this fixes it, and I can fly again for a while.

Anyone else having this issue? I have tried various Internet / DNS tricks, but have not made a dent. Thanks for any advice…

Sounds like possibly running out of ram memory.
How much ram do you have? Is the ram usage increasing over this time?

Hello, I don’t think it’s that, I have 32gb ram , I-9 CPU, RTX 3080Ti graphics, SSD drives, should be plenty of capacity. It feels like it’s Internet related somehow. And once it comes up, it will run fine for several hours. Just an odd issue, started only recently with no changes to the Sim or hardware at my end.

Have you actually checked though as know people have had issue’s with memory usage building up during flights due to memory leaks though haven’t gone into it because not had the issue myself.

If this isn’t your problem then Hopefully someone can help you out.

Understand… I just tried to load and it stalled again, memory usage shows 18% so it should be ok…

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I never had that issue, because I restart my PC after every flight… Lol…

Seem to remember this was a big issue in the early days … I got into the habit of restarting the computer after each flight and then shutting down all the cr@p the Windows starts ‘just in case’ …

Don’t know if I still have to, but I don’t have too many issues. Good habit to get into … just my humble opinion of course!

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Could an (outdated) mod in the CF be causing this?

MODS could be an issue possibly, but it’s just so random, and restarting the PC fixes it, temporarily.