Have we heard from Asobo on the performance issues?

I think it’s fair to say that we are all aware of significant performance issues right now (and I dare say some that have been there for a long time). This thread isn’t a place to start describing them all again. Instead, I wondered if anyone has heard from Asobo on what they are doing and, perhaps more importantly, any estimated timelines?

I mean, this is a great piece of complex development so there are going to be many issues that arise. I don’t have a problem with that at all. What they have created is remarkable. I just want to hear what’s happening, that’s all.

Asobo may have mentioned something previously. I’m fairly new so may have just missed it.


Any announcements will be made in #community:news-and-announcements

Thanks. I didn’t realise that was even there. Apologies.

To date then, can anyone summarise what has been said? I see on their dev list “performance problems” is listed as “ongoing”. Not particularly reassuring.


That just recognises the fact they are continually working on optimisation… it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the current main branch and gives no timeline for release. One could expect to perhaps see the fruit of their recent labours in that regard by summer along with the DX12 roll out, but obviously they haven’t committed to anything.

As for the specific issues with the current patch, to my knowledge the only mention was in the associated Q&A a few days ago where they acknowledged they had already identified 2 issues and were considering whether to issue a hotfix or not.

Thanks for the update.
Perhaps it’s just me but I would like them to acknowledge the numerous issues people are reporting a little more publicly. Ultimately acknowledging something doesn’t actually lead to anything but, for me, it’s the reassurance that they know something is wrong (and not just with the recent update).

Anyway, I will keep an eye out.

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They talked about it briefly in the developer Q&A. It seemed like things were cropping up around the same time so they’re on it but didn’t have much in terms of answers. I’m sure we’ll hear something in the next day or two. What I gleaned from the video was that there are a number of issues to look at.

I;ve seen these two posts from the Cumminity Managemet Team:

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Thanks for posting that @gordongreig

Any further from here would be speculation.

Thank you!

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