Have you survived a bug related emergency and landed successfully?

Kind of like the umm I think they were called MUDS in Doom? where you could in essence put a pic of your boss in the game and shoot at him lol

Lol so an Operator created bug! :smiley: Programmers call bugs, “Undocumented Features”. yours was and Undocumented Flight Plan entry :smiley:

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Why would the aircraft still consume fuel on pause? That sure does sound like a bug.
Good skills gliding that big ol’ thing into another airport.

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Yes it was… :rofl:

I wonder if it consumes fuel on Active Pause, or pausing out of the flight like to change a joystick mapping, I could see the first doing it, but not the latter.

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If interested, here’s the Wishlist topic for remedying that:

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I got lucky that there was an airport close enough that I didn’t need to optimise my glide distance, but i have to admit, it was very nice to get it down.

Taxiing after landing was a bit of a challenge though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, at least the Fenix A320 provides a proper pause and the PMDG 737 probably does as well, but I just got shouted for dinner and pressed the ESC key.

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I’m going guess and say it’s probably on active pause only.
I’ve left the SIM on the Main Menu for a very long time and still had fuel when I returned.

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Not for a while. I did a few times in the first year of the sim. Now I have far less bugs, but when I do it’s usually a show stopper.

Back in the X-Plane days I did loose power at my house right after takeoff in the 172 and was able to turn around, land, and shut down the computer in just enough time.

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I once had a wasp come in through the pilot side air vent in a Caravan on takeoff. It spent the next 20 min buzzing around before it went to sleep on the glareshield. An hour later it woke up whilst on descent and started all over again. Needless to say, after shutdown, I’ve never jumped out of an aircraft faster. Quite literally the worst flight of my life.

Ohh, whoops, not what you meant by ‘bug’….:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I pressed Ctrl+Shift+E while flying the H135. Trying to land auto-rotation went badly :laughing:

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On multiple occasions, the Fenix A320 has tried to kill me on descent. I will be descending, getting ready to turn on to final, when all displays start lagging, and the plane violently rocks left and right (sometimes up and down). I managed to just turn off autopilot, and hand fly it down. It used to be very rare, but has now started happening on almost every flight.

I have stopped flying the A320 as a result, due to how unreliable it has become. Thankfully, PMDG just released an update last week and the plane performs better than ever (not only systems wise, but also frame rate wise too) for me!

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Have you checked out the load on your CPU/GPU when this happens, as it is not something that I have experienced at all, on any of a significant number of flights.

Maybe try minimising the contents of your community folder and checking that nothing else is using significant processing or memory resources.

If you can’t find a solution, I’m sure that Fenix support will be happy to help.

No issues with load. On the flights that had the issue, LOD was at 60 and most other settings were on medium as I was testing to see if CPU/GPU load was an issue. I was also at a steady 60 fps as well during the incident. I am using the downgraded textures from Fenix, 4k livery textures option instead of 8k ones in the livery manager, and have the displays running on the integrated GPU separate from the CPU and the main GPU as well. Nothing has made a difference so far.

It has happened to V1 simulations during his live streams, but it doesn’t appear to happen to him as much as it is occurring for me. I already have a ticket open, but they have not been able to provide any assistance as of yet. They are still investigating.

I lost all electrical power in the King Air - in total IFR conditions. Couldn’t see anything out of the windows - low cloud and fog. Dusk.
No displays, no gauges, no lights - nothing. Engines kept turning though, bless 'em.

Knew I was at approx 2000’ over water. It was at that moment I realised that my sole refernce was the whiskey compass and my wrist watch.
I turned to the North as I knew I would intercept land in 2 or 3 miles and the sky looked a little brighter (less black!) in that direction. The welcoming tarmac of EGHF I knew was on the coast about NNE of my track.

As I flew on I suddenly caught site of a hole in the cloud and fog below and for a tantalising second a glimpse of waves. I thought “That’s for me, that’s my one chance.”
I reduced speed and circled down in to it and there below me I could see lights from the ground coming and going through the thick scudding cloud about half a mile in front of me.
I was at what I estimated to be 500’ and there was a gap in the cloud and fog along the shoreline of the coast. It was the only thing I could see and I thought “That’ll have to do.”

It ended up being a straight in approach - flapless due to the failures. After what seemed an age the King came to a stop and I was able to use one hand to prise my other one from the yoke.

It was then I discovered I was pretty much at the threshold of the runway at EGHF. If I had abruptly turned left on the approach I might even have made the touchdown zone. But the fact is, I couldn’t see it and guess work has to go out the windown in emergencies like this.
You can and HAVE to deal only with what you do know.

I saw only the beach - I landed on it. To have attempted anything else would have been suicidal.


I’ve had it a couple times now where everything stops responding, usually just as im approaching the runway lol.

I do find that the sim handles usb disconnection issues MUCH better these days though. There was a time where a device disconnecting would basically be game over, alt f4 or manually switch the pc off and on again. These days, I’ve had a couple fights where something disconnected for some reason, but i just power cycle that particular device and it brings it back to life in the sim.

So I’ve survived a couple of landings where that happened and I’ve now worked out to quickly switch that device off and on to regain control before touchdown.

Almost like a full instrument failure emergency! well done!

Love it! a full blown bug report for sure WITH a successful landing! Perfect!

Amazing landing!!

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