Have you tried NEW Amd Chipset driver

…and if so - did it cause any gain, add any smoothness etc? Which AMD cpu do you own?

Yep… 5800x, It only replaces chipset files that need updating. I removed my GPU before updating the chipset driver. Update in gain, didn’t notice anything, smoothness, well that’s a configuration in the sim. This deals with the encryption of the hardware via BIOS update. More relevant for Win 11.


Cheers for the info! =)

Right, and a job for the game developers. Having a driver update fix this sim’s performance would be like winning the lottery. Nearly impossible.

After I installed the chipset driver I flew over London flying over the Thames river all the building where melting and the visuals where terrible, stuttering and just a bad experience. Then I remembered I had broken a rule. I installed the chipset driver over the current video driver. I removed the Video driver using amd’s “cleanuputility” , reinstalled it. Everything is running well now.

Is that a common problem? I have never had any problems with the latest chipset drivers installed on the Nvidia drivers. Are there any articles about this? Cheers!

I read your post on New Nvidia drivers. Did you install the nvidia drivers first and then the amd chipset drivers. If so remove the Nvidia GPU drivers. Reboot and then install the latest Nvidia driver. The reason being is the chipset takes priority when drivers are installed.

I use NVIDIA GPU Driver an AMD Chipset Drivers (RTX 3080 and AMD Ryzen 9 5900x) on the same System and never bothered to think about any Installation sequence.

I just update either of those two when there is a new version to update and never uninstall the other beforehand. Never had any conflicts or issues.

Dont really see, why there should be any issues between them, as the AMD chipset drivers don’t contain any AMD Graphict drivers. If someone mistakenly installed the AMD Radeon Software Package instead - that would be a totally different story - but the Chipset Drivers for the Mainboard? No Idea how that could cause any issues.


I uninstalled (DDU-way) my GPU drivers and reinstalled them again. The problem after the latest driver are still there, as I expected. There are:

  1. Some sort of longer microfreezing going on - almost around a sec each.
  2. Still CTD’s

Might have something to do with the latest Chipset drivers, but I don’t really think so. There is still somthing with this, the latest Nvidia driver, as well as there was something wrong the the one before that one. You have to go back 3 versions with the Nvidia drivers to have it work properly with my gear - 5600X and 3600 Ti.

Have you not seen this? =P

" If someone mistakenly installed the AMD Radeon Software Package instead - that would be a totally different story - but the Chipset Drivers for the Mainboard? "
That exactly what happened. The full software package was installed with “Smart Access Memory” enabled. Then the chipset driver was installed on top of that. The is what caused the melting etc.

Look in you user appdata local Microsoft windows apps folder. If you see “MicrosoftDesktopAppInstaller”. Delete the folder. Nothing will be negatively affected . This folder contains files that are bandwidth and resource hungry and have nothing to do with application function. It comes via windows updates and is related to the ms store.

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