Have you went back to your previous simulator?

I uninstalled MSFS about a year ago because of performance issues then I reinstalled it about two mouths ago and was delighted with update 6 and the smoothness of MSFS but after update 7 its off my computer again I’m currently using my other simulator and have put MSFS on the back burner until update 8

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I tried with DCS and XPlane but they are so bad in comparison with FS than I uninstalled them after 2 hours. Waste of time to download them back again.


Not using anything currently, since SU7. Wouldn’t go back to P3D or XP, but MSFS is too much of a mess since SU7. So for me it’s nothing.


Update 5 was good to you? That’s interesting.

I’ve not had any issues with MSFS wrt performance. My bugbear is that there are very few aircraft that interest me as yet. The PMDG DC6, the Blackbox islander and JF Hawk are about it.

It is stunning looking, but I’m more interested in flying and once you’ve seen the sights a few times you really are wanting to fly. And without the aircraft, theres not much in it for me. So I’ve still got P3D for most of my flying. Looking forward to the JF 146 and F28 though.

typo thanks its update 6 that worked well

I haven’t. Even with all the ups and downs of FS, for me the good days of flying far outweigh the bad. And don’t get me started on VR, it is amazing!

It’s not performance keeping me from flying, it’s the broken weather system since SU7. Specifically the cloud height bug, which sees clouds drawn at incorrect heights and most of the time, in the ground or below it. Example:

Ok. Whew. I was like “huh???” :wink:

Finally deleted my P3D installation two weeks ago despite all the money invested. Never say never, I might install it again at some point for some aircraft maybe, however I would keep it very plain and simple without all the additional ORBX stuff etc.

Still undecided regarding X Plane. Not flying it much the last year, but I still do not like the idea of deleting it completely yet…

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While this is an interesting topic, the main focus of the forum is to discuss MSFS and the advancement of it. Thank you.