Having the hardest time with the DC-6

I can’t get it started. I’ve watched several vids, and I think I’m doing everything by the book. Trying to make it easier for myself, I’ve turned off realistic start, and I use the AFE Before Start function. I can confirm that the mixture is set to rich, boost pump is on and fuel pressure is fine. Magneto is set for both R&L. Engine selector is good, and boost and prime are switched after 12 blades. The engine roars to about 1000rpm and manifold pressure looks good for a few seconds before it sputters down.

I suspect it might be related to some setting I have using the Thrustmaster TCA quadrant. Would anyone who’s been successful with the TCA quadrant be willing to share their bindings and sensitivities? I have tested removing the bindings to all of the switches except for the throttle, flaps, gear, parking break, and engine mode (which I don’t touch - just leave it on norm).

The real mystery is that I have gotten it started and flying in the past, but I don’t know what has changed. I used PMDGs software to update the ship to vers 2.0.28. I don’t know what I’m messing up.

It seems you are doing everything right.
From what I’ve read around these kind of problems are frequently related to controls.
Do you have any lever controlling mixture? If that’s the case remove it immediately and your problems may be fixed.
If you have nothing on mixture then check prop is at 100% (forward) and check your control for the throttle lever.

Thanks for the help! The only power management bindings are for throttle. Nothing related to mixture is bound.

I believe that during the AFE before start check, the props are set 100% forward and throttle at idle.

For the TCA, here’s what I’ve got bound for throttle.

Difficult problem, try using a single axis for all throttles instead of one for each, only to see if that solves the problem not as a definiive fix.
If that fixes it then you know it is something related to your throttle levers and we can try to find a solution.
If a single axis for all throttles still gives you the same problem then it is probably something else…

Are your fuel tank levers all the way forward? To select the main tanks?

I read somewhere (I think on the PMDG forum) that they changed the startup routine in version 0028.

If so, that’s probably reflected in the manuals / introduction. I think the order in which to do things was changed a bit.

But I don’t have solid info. You might want to recheck the documents though.

Do you have FSUIPC enabled? The DC-6 doesn’t play well with it. Also, make sure the throttles aren’t enabled anywhere else. I mean under keyboard, mouse or anything else.

May be a silly question but have you gone into the Maintenance Manager to check the health of the engines. I found I had to service them…the light was ‘red’. Worth checking too.

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Brilliant!! that was it.

Wow, and maybe this was necessary because last time I flew it I crashed.

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great! have fun.
It’s probably worth adding in to your own pre-flight checks before any flying done.

I’ve done this exact same thing and I thought I had my start up procedure nailed on :grin:

And another I found out the hard way. The DC-6 doesn’t honour the unlimited fuel setting in the sim. I don’t usually use that setting but do for new aircraft until I’m comfortable with them. Ran out of fuel 3nm short of final after a hand flown 650nm flight.

Of course you can be doing all of this while the AFE is running through the checklists, if you use him.

But yes, starting a new flight, even after restarting the sim will give you the aircraft back in the same state you left it. I kinda like it that way.

Yes, quite realistic isn’t it

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