Having to constantly reset Gaming services app

I know this has been mentioned before but I am having to constantly reset gaming services in order for the game to launch. I’ve tried everything. Clean install of WIn10 and 11. Reinstalls of the game many times. I get it installed and it launches. I restart my computer and start the game and it gets stuck on syncing data. I go and reset the gaming services app and start the game, it launches fine. Next restart of the computer stuck on syncing EVER SINGLE TIME. This is beyond ridiculous. If it ain’t the graphics card warning we get at least once a day, it’s the sim not starting. Everything is updated. SU10…worst update EVER!!!

This issue has nothing to do with MSFS or Sim Update 10, it’s a Microsoft Store/Xbox App issue. The only real solution is to keep fixing it or stop buying games on the MS Store/Xbox App and buy them elsewhere instead. It has been an issue on Windows for years.

Well this is the only game I have ever bought to run online so I wouldn’t know. So Steam doesn’t have these problems? And I suppose the graphics card error is Nvidia’s problem. So Microsoft/Asobo is in the clear.

Not sure about the graphics card issues as I haven’t experienced them, but I can say with certainty that this issue does not happen with any games on Steam, including Flight Simulator.

The issues with GamingServices is an odd one. Some users manage to use the Microsoft Store apps without ever running into a problem with GamingServices. Others, not so much. I first ran into an issue with it in Forza Horizon 3 back in 2016 and have refused to purchase anything from the Microsoft Store/Xbox App ever since because the issue was so frustrating and sometimes I could fix it, other times I couldn’t. It’s definitely a Microsoft issue, but it’s an issue with Windows and not so much their game publishing arm.

I understand switching from one version to the other isn’t really an ideal solution considering you would have to buy the game again and any purchases made in the Martketplace won’t transfer over, but it’s really the only solution I have found in avoiding issues with GamingServices altogether.

Ok. Thanks for that information. I bought on Xbox mainly cuz I knew it would work on the Xbox if I ever bought one. I know what you mean about Microsoft. Win11 has it’s own problems all around. It’s never a good idea to upgrade a Windows OS until it has been out for at least 2 years. Although I was having the same problem on 10. Well, I just won’t restart the OS unless I absolutely have to. I never had these problems before the update to SU10. Hmm.

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