Having to redownload everytime i switch SSD's

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i have the game downloaded on a external SSD just for MFS and works fine, i have switched SSD’s to play other games, when i have put MFS SSD back in clicked on the game from steam, once it opens up MFS It’s telling me to redownload the full game, i have checked on the steam launcher and the SSD that I’m using is set for the correct one and set as default drive , this has happened before after switching SSD’s in the past and i have had to delete the game and redownload it, is there a fix for this or am i going to have to redownload it again ?
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switching SSD’s
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Use the Browse button to point it to the correct location before pressing Update.
If this is not possible because the correct drive does not show up there, you’ll have to edit the last line in UserOpt.cfg before you start from Steam.

i have local disk (C) and the ssd is (D)
on the install package path its showing E\STEAMLIBRAY
when i press BROWSE… i am able to change the location,
should it be steamapps/common/MicrsoftFlightSimulator ?

It should be the folder containing the folders Official and Community. The Official folder is where all the things it wants to download go. Usually the parent folder is named Packages, but if Steam did indeed delete or empty that, you’re out of luck this time and will have to let the installer download everything again.

It does sound as if Steam gets confused when you switch drives ands performs a “repair”, but because Steam has no knowledge of what happens in the internal updater, it removes everything it did not install itself. At least, this is what happens if you try to perform “repair” or “refresh” or what it’s called manually from Steam.

To prevent this from keeping happening when switching drives, you should move the Packages folder to a location out of Steam’s reach and point the installer to it (with Browse) the next time it wants to download everything. I have moved mine to C:\MSFS\Packages.

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