Having "too much" traffic models breaks the ICAO matching

I have multiple AI traffic models in the community folder. I’m currently at 22 folders. The problem is that having that much models breaks the ICAO matching. At the beginning everything looked fine but the more models i added the more problems popped up. At the moment the matching is too slow with finding a model.

The game is spawning a generic model and a couple seconds later the label flips to AIRBUS or BOEING. At this point it’s already too late. Sometimes the game has a correct match but quite often the ICAO match has a big lag.

I don’t know if there is something i can do in order to speed things up but at the moment it’s quite the RNG. It makes the feature kind of useless.

I know that every FLTSIM needs it’s own model folder. I thought about placing the model files in every model folder instead of a simple .cfg that points to the main model folder. Would that make a difference or is it just a moment of desperation?

I have mine fully configured correctly for more than 25 different aircraft types (my guess is nearly 1000 different combinations) but can tell you there is still a limitation in the game on how many varieties it can show/match.

Do you have any lag with the ICAO? It’s kind of annoying to have small cj4 generics roaming around with a BOEING label because the game realized too late that there is actually a 777 on my hard drive.

I’m trying to get to “generic zero” but the limitations of the current game prevents that.

The issue seems to between which statics spawn at gates and which it can use for real time traffic (appears that if it spawns static, it is chosen first for real time, otherwise it goes generic).