Having Weird Visual Issue On Quest 2 with Oculus Air Link

When I try playing MSFS 2020 on my Quest 2 via Oculus Air Link, I start getting these weird black and white hazy lines (hard to describe) in my headset screen, which go away when I move my head away and back again! Does anyone else get this issue? How do I get rid of this?

Also note that I have Virtual Desktop and I dont get this issue there at all. But I prefer Air Link since I get slightly better frames and visuals on there.

hi my link and air link were perfect ans still are with everything but msfs i load programme and all fine go to desktop in headset in link everything crshes if i minimise msfs all returns perfectly as soon as i return msfs to screen Crash link goes off am so dissapointed because its so much better than steam vr and virtual desktop app link will not work at all if i have virtual desktop streamer on computer cant get an answer anyhow !

Try setting your encode resolution width to 2784 in oculus debug tool. I had this black stencil line going across both lenses that turned the bottom half my my lenses into a white/ black hazy mess having it set to 3648…So try setting it to 2784 see if that helps

I started getting these as well. Like the bottom 3rd of the display goes kinda grey/fuzzy after about 15 mins.

The only solution I found was to actually exit VR from MSFS (but leave MSFS still on). Quit link from within the HMD. Go back and enable Link again and toggle the VR mode in MSFS.

So technically, I do not have to restart MSFS. Only restart link but I have to open the debug tool again and set my preferences.

I have reason to believe this is related to the new Link Sharpening since this fuzzy line thing never use to happen. Next step for me is to turn off Link Sharpening to see if it will resolve it.

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