Hawaiian Islands as a world update

I’d love to see a Pacific ocean update in general. They could do a lot with many of the islands out there.


No new data available for Hawaii from data providers (partners of MS/Asobo) == no update for Hawaii.

PC users got something at least:

If this mod can make it better, so can Asobo.

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where did you get this info from?

There does exist high quality mesh data (possibly lidar) for Hawaii as I had a hyper-realistic MESH/ORTHO combo back in ol’ XPlane 11 that looked much better than current MSFS2020, which is saying something.

So the data is definitely there, the mystery is why they’ve ignored Hawaii in TWO world updates USA now.


Not to mention the islands are small enough that they could do photogrammetry for the entire islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii.


I was afraid this would happen. No new water masks either :cry:


Basically it’s what Jörg Neumann tells on every Q&A when the team is asked about when country XYZ is getting an update.

Also the company providing the data has to be a partner of MS/Asobo as this is a commercial project. Comparing with XPs orthos and DEM provided by the community does not work here as it’s a completely different license type.

Because of this a new package for a region will be only provided if there is new Bing tiles + DEM by one of the DEM providers allowing to use the material in a commercial project.

I understand that, but I was proving that the data does indeed exist. But MSFS/Asobo have purposefully chosen not use it for USA updates. Whether that’s because they don’t want to pay for it (seems unlikely) or they just don’t think the demand is high enough to make it worth their time (probably).

so all we can do if keep on encouraging Asobo t that we indeed DO want hawaii to get it’s deserved facelift.

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You missed a third point - maybe they plan something special with Hawaii as being the islands in Microsoft Flight

Other than that or an in general planned pacific islands world update I could not imagine any purpose of not including the islands if they had access to usable data :wink:

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that’s really the dream. an entire world update that is all of the Hawaiian islands in exquisite detail :sunglasses:

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I’m pretty sure nobody will ever be publicly acknowledging Microsoft Flight again other than to say “We’re sorry.” :slight_smile:

Hawaii would be so easy to add photogrammetry to, the islands are so small. That alone would be a huge improvement. The generic buildings, for example, look terrible around Maui hotel areas.

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I’m honestly surprised no 3rd party folks have taken it up. I feel like they’d make a huge return as everyone loves hawaii


Seriously I’ve got every Hawaii product going in my other sim and love either island hopping or doing a hop from the mainland as I’ve done many a time IRL.

I can’t believe a third party hasn’t tackled PHNL yet!

Here’s a landing at PHNL (hope it’s allowed) if it’s removed I’ll come back with some pics. Be nice to have a quality high fidelity Hawaiian A332 to fly as well


Aloha, Yes! Everyone please keep voting on this wishlist and make it higher. Even a pacific islands/ Oceania world update would do. Anything. I’m on Oahu and Waikiki water masking around diamond head is all blocky no natural smoothness, not to mention the autogen. just an overall islands update would be appreciated.

They have the data that’s without a doubt. It is a small area to cover. Hawaii or the pacific islands have so much potential. I have only the small island airports from marketplace however a PHNL would be fantastic. Hopefully soon enough


yes Oceania would be great Hawaii Tahiti Easter Island all the way down to New Zealand… Polynesia Micronesia and Melanesia


and a Panam Clipper as local legend

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Just watched your fascinating video on this Saturday morning, sadly just outside Wash. DC near Dulles International. Thank you! Used to live in Hawaii, only a very short year ago! Really miss and long for it…

Loved your iPad flight tracking and expert commentary with your Massachusetts accent. (A former Vermonter, here.)

Agree 100% with you and everyone else in this thread that they REALLY need to give some love to doing some serious scenery and airport upgrades for Hawaii!


This item was delivered in World Update 13: Oceania (