Hawk drivers. Coming soon, "Alpine Magic"

Many years ago, several of us formed a group in FSX using the L 39 Albatros. It has taken a year for MSFS to get to the stage where it was once again feasible, but with the release of the Justflight Hawk T.1 it will be a series of memorable and adrenalin filled, low and high level exercises all stitched together into a flow of concentration, airmanship and above all, fun. Please PM me to let me know your interest and to enable me to let you know details as they come. Watch this space!

You can find an old YouTube video of Alpine Magic. Think of that updated to MSFS and you will get a flavour for what we are aiming to do. And soon, too.

Best regards,

Magic 6420


Just as a note, these will be informal, come as you are sessions. There is no group as such. They will be simply collaborative stand alone specials that will expand your knowledge and most of all, just be really good fun.

Work continues in putting together the first session, which you can pencil in for week commencing Monday 8th November at 1900GMT. This has yet to be confirmed, but is rated as very likely to be Thursday, 11th November. Candidate airfields to be visited for touch and go, or maybe a beer stop or tech stop include.

Details now finalised… This is your route for session one!

Innsbruck (LOWI) Departing 1930GMT Get on board as near 1900Z as you can.
Bolzano (LIPB) touch and go
Samedan (LSZS) touch and go
Ambri (LSPM) touch and go
Mollis (LSMF) Tech stop. Fuel, beer and ration pack.
Mereingen (LSMM) touch and go
Interlaken - (LSMI) now inactive, but still irresistible. Touch and go.
St Stephan (LSTS) touch and go
Saanen (LSGK) touch and go.
Sion (LSGS) Tech stop, fuel, beer and time to address any personal hydraulic problems

Special sections will include the old Alpine Magic Sion complex and the “Ambri to Mollis express.”

First part of session (above) to include the main, low level portion which will make your eyes pop. A visit to the AlpineMagic complex of valleys near Sion and the Matterhorn are definite. A new highlight will be the Ambri to Mollis express. Tricky approaches, concentration on engine and fuel management (watch that jetpipe temp!) and pure low level group flying are the core of this first part.

Second part will, (time permittting) give a chance to explore mid level formation opportunities, with the lead flying a stable autopilot heading giving pilots chance to practice and refine loose formation work. I really recommend that you turn damage and stress damage OFF, because even if you are able to hack it, the tyro behind you could clatter into you and spoil your whole day. Plan here is to recover to Innsbruck for a dusk, or twilight landing. The session is fast paced and there will be always something to do or prepare for. Most of all, it will be fun.

I am still working on a comms solution and it looks likely that Teamspeak might provide this. A fallback will if needed, likely be Discord. Further details to follow in the coming days. I have two main ideas for the session itself. Those that can either send me a PM or friend request across the sim, to Magic6420 cam join the session that way and therefore get the core session settings. Those that wish to join as Ad hoc users will just need to be on the deck at Innsbruck (LOWI) and follow the rest of us. Smoke will be on to enable a good visual opportunity for following aircraft. There will be hopefully 3 experienced flyers on these routes from the FSX group UK317, with whom I have had the privilege of flying this last eight or so years. They are excellent mentors and pilots and will always be there to encourage and assist others.

The two things that we are really missing in MSFS, are comms and at this stage, no real ATC coverage. For now, we can work around the first issue and hope for the latter in the near future, but we will make it work.

So. Send those PMs to me or send those friend requests via the sim. Watch this threadfor updates, refinements and other NOTAMS. I hope to hear from you soon. Around fifteen Hawks and maybe even more, barrelling through the Alps will be an enjoyable thing to be part of. Oh. One final thing. Put the word about to other Hawk users!

PS by the time of the session, the Hawk update should be out and those extra 100 gallon drop tanks could be very handy. Plan on using them.


If anybody is up now, 1349gmt Sunday, I am testing now. You are welcome to join if you send a friend request via the sim.



More work today and another “highlight” section added. I flew with a couple of people yesterday and the biggest bugbear, is that of comms. Still work to do here and I will confirm by the end of this week. It looks like 3 hours or so of pure fun and concentration.

This sounds like a lot of fun; unfortunately with my limited flying time here on the east coast of the US I won’t be able to join your session, but the route looks great – could you post a flight plan for it at some point so the rest of us can give it a try?

Watch this space for a confirmed routing this weekend. (I have done it early and it is now up above) For a plan as such, the old magenta line is just going to show a point to point, without all of the neural routing that sits in my head. Nevertheless, it will give lots of scope to individuals who want to explore. I have loads of routes that we have done in the past and it is a well trodden area for some of us. There is a whole lot more to come!

Now, regarding comms for everyone. We ARE using Teamspeak for this and have a server to use for these sessions, so go and get Teamspeak, get it configured. It is free, takes very little in resources, it is reliable and very effective. I will publish the joining details nearer the day (Thank you UK317) but if you don’t, then you are going to lose us and yourself too. I will not be hammering it either. Ideal average speed around 350kts and I will be as gentle as possible and will also try to give airfield briefings in plenty of time to allow brains to function. The whole point of this is to get to the end. If you want to see where you run out of talent, you will have a solid introduction here to let you smear yourself across the Alps at your own leisure.

Other centrepiece sections of the routes will evolve and come into play in further, future sessions and you can of course fly these whenever you wish and in whatever aircraft, too.

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Final route finalised, see above.

Comms finalised. Teamspeak. Go and get it now if you haven’t already. Joining details nearer the time, watch this thread.

Date and time. First session, Thursday 11th November at 1900GMT

Aircraft config. Suggest Red Arrows Hawk as it has the smoke, which is useful for finding others. Hawk should be patched by then and drop tanks to be used if possible.

Weather. If you join the session through invite, this first one will be clear with no wind. If you join independantly go for similar settings. We will turn the wick up in later sessions.

Server. Will be advised just prior to session, in case of sim based changes.

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Omg, I will wait for the movie…

Edited whilst I fathom out how to embed pictures within the thread. Hopefully back soon.

Hey Everyone, A taster of what’s to come next week! Get your goggles on!


Wow, Red Arrows! That’s got to mean a pay increase! :wink: Seriously this looks like it will be amazing. Looking forward to it.

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Doing a dress rehearsal today, from 1330GMT if anybody wants to join and get a sneak preview of the Thursday session. Be on the ground at LOWI by 1315GMT and I will check and invite if there are any friends in the list. Failing that, ad hoc users can simply tag on and follow.

It is shaping up well now and there will be a further session, likely to be two weeks on Thursday at 1900GMT. I will confirm this nearer the day. The sim has a few quirks of course, but it isnt that we are not used to this exactly, is it?

Almost there now and Morol, this one is for you.



Do you have a discord?

Yes, but we are not using it yet. We will be using Teamspeak only tonight. If you PM me I cam get you the IP just prior to the session tonight, as I have to go and try to smile at people for the day at work.

Well, Alpine Magic is here. The session is up now and the server, is Western Europe. Make sure that you set this if it isnt already. Teamspeak will be coming up before 1900GMT and you have the server details. If anybody is in any trouble, please post here. You will soon see why comms are so important.

Good luck and good flying!


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Well, the old sim let us down a bit there, but we learned a lot and as we all saw, there are quirks with multiplayer that spoofed us all. No problem! You can’t find the answers until you know the questions and settings have already changed for the better, we hope.

The future sessions will be invite only, so that the sim can focus on just the group. I have you all as friends now and can invite direct and we can do away with the ad hoc joiners route for now. In fact, I may be around tomorrow (Sat) and Sunday afternoon and will send a few casual invites if anyone is around.

Work is being done at present to hopefully introduce radar to the sessions and we will keep you posted on this.

Although we didn’t get anywhere near around the full trip, you can see where we are at and what we do. It is good flying and excellent fun. It was a definite pleasure to meet you all and we will move forward. I think there may be multiplayer improvements to the sim shortly, with the release of the Reno pack. Can you honestly imagine trying air races with things as they are?

I will keep this thread updated and this is the place for more news, more sessions and a chance to meet more people. Thank you all and we will move forward. Together.

I will be writing back over the weekend to those that have sent messages and I look forward to joining you in the air soonest.

Best wishes,



Thank you @Magic6420 for that first session. With the small taste I had I experienced enough to know I’d like to join future events. The sim will only get better.

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Thank you @Magic6420 for creating this Group, look forward to participating again.
Few items to correctly setup at my end.

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