Hawk T1. Must have for VR

Just installed the Hawk. What a superb aircraft for VR. I have over 2300 hrs RW fighter time (F-15E) and hundreds of hours in trainers (T-37/T-38). I can tell you the Hawk is as real as it gets. Flight model is outstanding and the VR immersion within the cockpit is amazing. Highly recommend it.


Quite a recommendation. Would like to hear your thoughts on the DC Designs F-15 since that was one of your mounts. I do not have that one yet, but certainly agree with you on the Hawk, which I have been flying almost non-stop over the weekend!

I totally agree with you. this plane in VR is awesome, simply the best in the game.

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Agreed - it’s all I’ve been flying the last couple of days. Can’t get enough of it. Fantastic aircraft.

I’ve always rated Just Flights products, looking forward to their PA-38 Tomahawk too.

I fully agree - an absolutely outstanding plane, particularly in VR!
The Hawk will be my new private Jet from now on :slight_smile:

It is surely on par with DCS stuff, with the difference that here you can also enjoy the scenery. Outstanding.

This is gonna hurt some DCS folks feelings right here :rofl::joy:


Thanks for the post, what are your thoughts about the complaints about “twitchy”/“dolphin” nose behaviour in the main hawk thread?

I just had a couple of initial flights in VR and agree it is stunning. The low nose gives a great view in VR and performance/FPS seems great as well :+1:

I’ve never flown Hawk RW but its turbofan performance and flight characteristics are well modeled. It rolls very similar to a T-38 and the flight controls I believe are mechanically driven and hydraulically assisted versus fly by wire digital inputs. I’m not sure if it comes with preloaded flight control sensitivity or uses generic MSFS. What I did notice is when aircraft is fully trimmed for approach at a final speed of 120 Kts and you execute a touch and go or low approach by selecting mil power (100%) you have to forcibly hold stick forward (down) and trim nose down or you get a massive pitch up. But this behavior is not atypical in a non FBW aircraft. I may increase trim sensitivity in the sim to compensate a bit.

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You guys are seriously about to get me to purchase the Hawk today with all this hype!
Air Power!!! Space Power!!! AEF!!!
We’ll that’s how it went back when I served!:rofl::beers:
USAF Crash Fire Rescue 2002-2008

Bought it.

Unfortunately the installer seems to bug if you have a standard user account, custom MSFS installation folder and non-standard administrator account name. I’ve sent a ticket regarding this issue, no reply yet tho.

I had similar problem but was able to resolve it by temporarily switching my account type to administrator, installing it, then switching back to standard

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Thank you, that did it.

Rather poorly made installer. Requiring administrator privilidges for installing software is so… well… last millenia.

Yeah, actually I had the exact same issue with the PMDG one as well !

Totally Agee. Best VR experience yet. A top aircraft simulation.

Out of interest, what makes the Hawk better in VR than the MB-339?
I’m still unsure whether it’s worth it.

Its a bit faster and its a more realistic flight model, for those that want that. I love the MB-339, its a beautiful fast jet trainer but the Hawk is up another level.

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thanks for this info

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Can not speak for the F-15, but the Tomcat is far away from reality. A nice toy, but no more.

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