HDR off looks more true to life - am I the only one?

Been messing with the game using HDR on and off, my monitor supports it, graphics card is an RTX 2070. Without side by side direct comparisons I don’t notice too much difference in person, so I checked out a comparison on YouTube (won’t let me link so lookup Nvidia HDR On vs Off | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020). Is it just me or realism wise does HDR off look more true to life? I’ve flown on well over a hundred flights in my life and the sky for example looks overly saturated blue under HDR. Clouds like more like CGI under HDR than with it off. And certain times the glow of the sun can look overly saturated orange. I know HDR gives that extra “wow factor” but I think that’s our minds tending to prefer extra saturated colors. However with this kind of game/sim I think with the super rich colors it feels less real. The pyramids in Eqypt have more a tan sand color without HDR, with it it’s more dirt brown colored for example. With HDR some beaches the sand like more pink/orangy instead of natural sand color.

Anyway, just curious on your opinions.


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I’m still not really sure which mode I like best, but I really DO like the extra brightness of the sun (to the extend that it can almost hurt your eyes like in real life) and the kick in brightness and precision of lights like runway and street lights. The white runway lights for example really look like, well uhhm lights when HDR is activated while without HDR they look more like white balls lying next to the runway. Experiences may vary from monitor to monitor though as some are able to produce much more light than others.

HDR has been broken for me since tech alpha… I just don’t use it. When turned on there is a white hue over everything, even the loading screens. I keep it off and looks much more vibrant. Could be my 4K tv though, although Windows 10 HDR looks good and other games I play.

I seem to recall Asobo admitting during the tech alpha that it was broken but can’t be 100%.

Edit - after the suggested nvidia control panel change below, HDR now works for me.

For me HDR is a wee bit too extreme on the tones, HDR off does indeed looks more natural, but things like color/brightness settings are mostly personal preference.

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HDR works superbly for me. Make sure you are using the right nvidia settings in the control panel. YBCR 422, 10bit. Also make sure to manually increase the brightness of your monitor to 100%. This will make HDR much more desirable.


For me only works with 4k, in lower resolutions get disabled. Im using RTX2070

I’ll check my settings tonight. As for the brightness, I’m using the Viotek Suw49da 49" 5120x1440 and it’s super bright as is so I had lowered it down a bit.

I got you:


Absolute game changer for me! Thank you so much!

HDR now looks awesome and no more white hue over every screen.

Kind of a tossup based on the video- it appears that in some cases, HDR “hides” detail on the ground in darker areas, especially with trees. Seems like it should be the opposite.

The color saturation of objects is nice… I could deal with that.

HDR atmosphere and lighting look awesome.

That said, much of the less saturated, non-HDR terrain looks a bit more realistic to me, but if there isn’t a performance hit, I’d probably prefer HDR.

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Anyone tried turning up Aerosol density with HDR on ? My sun becomes a this huge supernova when I turn up the aerosol density with HDR on. Can anyone confirm this ?