Is it my system or is HDR on the XSX not working? My system is set to HDR on and so is MSFS. I first really notice it on the globe which doesn’t seem as bright as the previous one. Changing from HDR to Non HDR in the sim doesn’t make any difference.

Is there something I’m meant to be doing to workaround this? Currently on version .21 SU10


Asobo broke HDR in the Beta, thought it would be fixed by the moment it went live but nope.
for PC users there is a workaround, but i think xbox users are out of luck.

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OK thank you, couldnt figure out what I did wrong but I guess its a known issue.

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In my opinion, HDR is slightly dimmer on the Xbox Series X now then before but the color seem more accurate. I am on the LG OLED in PC Mode with Dolby Vision and 120 fps mode active.

From what I understand yes, Dolby and HDR10 is either or.

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HDR10 and Dolby Vision is indeed different types of HDR.
Dolby Vision is superior as it uses a 12 bit signal while HDR10 does 10-bits.
Unfortunately this is not available for us PC users.

I always use Dolby vision, much more Details around brighter areas and overall better picture. You can change the color temp as you want