Hdr setup

Hi there, the HDR mode in my Graphic Option is grayed out. what is the reason for that?
Can someone guide me to solve that issue?

Enable HDR in windows first as I remember.

Thanks, Hi, where in windows?

Type HDR in the windows search bar. You also need to scroll through and adapt the HDR/SDR balance there. Otherwise it will look bad.

When then HDR is activated in FS, you need to restart everything again first. It will look horrible first if not.

In my case it was important to switch from HDMI to Display port. I had issues with HDMI and HDR

Thanks again appreciate your reply.

Firstly use DisplayPort v1.4 cable.
Then in Windows Display Settings you should see HDR slider. If not showing, check under Advanced Display Settings by changing the Refresh Rate, normally 99.996Hz will do the trick and try make sure bit depth is 10-bit.
Finally load MSFS and make sure you enable HDR, exit and start up again. Should be good to go

Thanks for your reply appreciate

You never specified if you have an HDR-capable monitor. You can’t use HDR without that. Then you have to ensure that your monitor is connected via either the HDMI or DP port that supports HDR. DIfferent monitors will have different standards on their ports. Ditto for video cards. And of course, you need a cable that’s able to carry the signal. Not all HDMI and DP cables are equal. There are different versions of these protocols that require cables capable of carrying that signal.

Once you have all that, you have to make sure it’s enabled in your monitor’s onboard menus, then enable it in Windows via the display settings. At that point, it will be available to be enabled in the sim.

HDR is a joke in MSFS anyway, better off with SDR mate.
There are no HDR options to finetune it so the image looks very off compared to other HDR titles that give you freedom with peak brightness, white paper etc

It would be nice to have hdr enabled just for msfs and sdr in windows.
This works completely fine in battlefield :wink:

Honestly, I find HDR in MSFS to be rather underwhelming. Plus using it means I can’t take screen shots nor video. It’s just not worth it IMHO.