Heading indicator is cycle arround

Dear Community,

i recognized the first time this issue with my stream deck. i used it as a flight sim control panel . the only problem when i m holding too long the heading with the + or - “keys” the autopilot keeping the endless heading course setting (= runs around all 360 degrees in endless). so first i thought its a problem with my stream deck but i can reproduce it with the keyboard command. if i m pressing it “too long” on the keyboard the same issues appears and the autopilot is keeping cycle arround all the 360 degrees in endless. so the autopilot is not more able to fly correct as well. and the last problem the mouse cursor disappears and i cant do any controls. sometimes after some minutes it stopps but sometimes it keeps cycling till the moment i close the programm with task manager.

anyone have the same problem or has an solution for it? (if i m switching the heading with mouse wheel, everything works great. )


The keyboard is one thing, holding the key down sends constant commands to the PC.
It isn’t meant to do that. You are overwhelming the PC.

When the mouse keeps going around from being held too long, just click on the knob, it should stop.
That is a known issue.
You actually found the best solution, using the mouse wheel!! :+1:

Think this is the thread for it:

I think there was also a thread for these cycling effect and threads wich reports the long-pressing-key behavior ( from strange to ctd ). But so far I remember me, it’s all the same single reason: how msfs handle multuiple key events ( usb and others ). Therefore e.g. users can not use “switches”.