Headlights in clouds at night

When flying through clouds at night with headlights on (787/747/737 etc), does anyone get circular pie shaped headlight illumination of the clouds?


Do you get the same when you turn the high beams on?

In all seriousness though I have heard of a similar scenario somewhere on another forum. I have the rift s and don’t get it. Might be a bug with the landing or taxi lights in VR.

With landing lights on, turn them off and no issues. I’ll see if I can get a screen shot.

Yes, it’s been reported to Zendesk, SU8 introduced the issue


I’ve noticed this issue also. It appeared when volumetric lighting was added back per SU8 i think. Way back when before the “xbox” update, it didn’t happen at all. It’s quite annoying now. Hopefully TONYDARKZERO is correct and Asobo will realize and fix it.

Having changed video cards recently, I’ve noticed there can be a big difference in lighting given hardware.

What did you change too? Currently using GTX1080 and waiting for RTX3080 to become available.

Oh, 3080ti.

You are in for nice surprise.

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My experience is all VR. But lighting effects were one of the big surprises for me.

On the GTX 1070 I had, the airport beacon lights looked like pinpoint light sources. Strobe lights looked like sharp squares. Once going to the 3080ti they just looked way more real.

Other light play was also vastly improved.

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Thx for the update! I was looking at the RTX 3080 Ti too. Now…If only I can get my hands on one!!

Got mine on Amazon for lowest inflated price anywhere. Took about 4 painful days. :slight_smile:

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