Headphone simulation shortcut


I’m playing with headphone (DT770 pro) with excellent dynamic range, so I can put volume relatively high to get every ambiance sounds, especially the environment FX when your engine shut down (very immersive, in my opinion).
So, during a flight on a noisy aircraft (wilga, DHC2, this kind of tractor) I’m using the option in sound menu called in french “simulation de casque” (something like headphone simulation I guess) to decrease the volume by simulating the active filtering headphone.

That’s a very cool option.
And it seem it’s have a shortcut in command menu : but it doesn’t work. There are 3 shortcuts : ON / OFF / TOGGLE, and none works.

That’s such a dumb thing that I guess I am the dumb and missing something, and maybe someone could help me with this ?
It’s a little long to stop simu, goes into the menu and activate/deactivate the option so a shortcut would be very appreciated.


The keybindings were an undocumented “feature” of the last sim update. However, they don’t work, as you’ve discovered.


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Oh, well…

Thanks for this information and this link… That’s pretty embarrassing for microsoft they didn’t succeed to program a shortcut.

So, I’ll be patient !

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