Heads up: small OpenXR for WMR update in the store

Hi all - over the next 2 weeks there will be a couple of very minor updates to the OpenXR for WMR apps in the MS Store:

Starting today, the OpenXR Tools for Windows Mixed Reality app is updated to 110.2204.7007, which resolves a common crash that occurred during shutdown of Flight Simulator 2020.

Starting about a week from now, the OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality app will progressively update to that same version, which is part of our “promotion of the preview runtime to stable runtime”.

For more details on these apps and the release process, you can take a look at my past thread here:


Thank you. Is there a way you could optimize how MR is done by OpenXR so there’s less artifacting? Or is that something that can’t be further optimized?

Hi, when you say common crash, is this the issue that’s preventing MSFS from full closing on exit that can only be resolved with a Task Manager execution?

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