"Headset" Audio in Options Menu

There’s a sound effect that simulates wearing a headset in the sound settings. It’s really cool since it simulates wearing an Active Noise Canceling headset while flying.

I wish that there was a way to toggle this option on and off on the fly, to simulate taking your headset on and off. OR have the audio able to go to different devices simultaneously. For instance, have the regular unfiltered audio go to your speakers, and the “headset audio” go to your headphones.

Isn’t that last request already there when you set it to Communication Output?

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Sort of, but I’m requesting that all of the sounds be split, not just ATC audio.

I believe as emempilot said, there’s an option in sound setup for that.

Ok never really explored it, just looked at the description.

So you then would choose which sounds go to which output?

It can be all or selective. All I really want is an option to put your “headset” on and off on the fly. The latter is just more customization.

I imagine a drop down menu of your audio devices. For each device, you can customize the output of ALL the sounds to your taste…from ATC to Music. Say you want “Color 2” music on your headphones while in the menus, and you want “Legacy” music through your speakers…or no music at all through your speakers, and “Legacy” on your headphones.


I like to use headphone simulation when on long flights which allows me to listen to music while still hearing ATC commands, then when I get close I switch back to normal sound to hear the engine and flap sounds. Having to go through the menu is a pain. Shouldn’t be high on the list but would be appreciated.


This! :slight_smile: a small but cool feature to add to the immersion! A2A has this in their aircraft, you simulate plugging the headset in. Always loved those little details!

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hi guys, is it possible to make this feature in cockpit, not only in the options
thank you

Headphone Simulation is an awesome feature but it would be good if we can enable or disable it in game. Keybinds would be a great start but it would be even better if there were a headphone plug on the aircraft dash somewhere so we can click that to enable/disable.


I agree. It would more closely simulate what can happen in a real plane. Plus it would be a lot more convenient.

Good idea mate!!


I was wondering why someone hasn’t suggested this- I think it’s a great idea. I am constantly going in and changing it back and forth. A keybind would be great.

There are 3 options in General/Sound/Communication selection:

  • Default - You can hear the engines as if you wouldn’t wear headphones
  • Headphone simulation - as if you would wear the headphones, and the sound of the the engines are attenuated
  • Communication output: only the radio communcation can be heard in the headphones, all others plays thhrough the default audio device

If I could switch between the Default/Headphone simulation in game, it could simulate the act of taking on/off the headphones during a flight.
Therefore please allow bindings for this functions.

In X-plane it works in some aircrafts: you can click on picture of the headphone jack, and this switch between the 2 sound mode in flight.

Just out of curiosity, when would you remove the headset?
My David Clarks went on as soon as the radio master went on and never came off until the radio master was off.
In general the headset goes on once engine start has been achieved, (always keep them off during startup of smaller aircraft. Allows for listening for odd sounds during that startup), then they stay clamped to the ears until the mixture is pulled.

As you wrote, typically during engine startup. But there is also a vast difference between hearing the ambience sound with headphone and without it (e.g. when you are out of the plane, walking, etc.)

This is another one of those things that should be a simple thing to implement, yet it’s been ignored. The sim should’ve launched with a quick toggle switch for this by default.

I’ve been wanting this for a good while now. Would be great to be able to set a key bind for it. Something…

Aside from a simple toggle I’d really love some basic configuration options so I can choose how strong the headphone attenuation effect is, and how much the higher frequencies are attenuated, an EQ for it essentially. Even just a couple of presets would be nice, for a strong and weak effect.

If anyone knows some way of editing it in some config files somewhere let me know.