Headwind A330-900neo stuck with hot brakes

I just started a flight with Headwind A330-900neo, and during the taxi and before reaching the runway, the plane stuck and indicates overheating of the brakes. I can no longer move forward. is there a way to quickly cool the brakes as proposed on the PMDG 737?
translated from french

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I haven’t flown the 330 yet, but FBW’s 320 has a brake fan switch nearby the break automatic switches. I’d guess big brother has it as well.

thanks a lot, i’ll try it

Are you riding the brakes during the entire taxi, or maybe taxiing at really high speeds with lots of hard braking for turns? Imo they shouldn’t get hot enough to trigger the warning from normal taxiing.

If not, maybe Headwind simply forgot to adjust the parameters that handle brake temp since they used the FBW A320 cockpit. Maybe it’s “simulating” the temp of A320 brake disks even though its an A330, and overheating cuz of the extra aircraft weight lol. I haven’t flown it in forever though, and I have no idea how exactly they implemented the FBW features from the A320, so I really have no idea if this is true or not. Just speculation on my part.

thank you for your feedback and assistance
I didn’t brake much before reaching the runway but two things can happen: either it’s a bug or I forgot something in the settings (MCDU…)
I tried again yesterday in the same airport and same taxi and no problem. it’s true that with brakes from time to time the temperature increases a little bit but stays below 70 if I remember (unlike 280°).
I think the Headwind A330-900neo still has a lot of bugs to fix.
I would like the editor to integrate the option to immediately cool the brakes like that of the PMDG 737 (Assistance menu)
Sorry for my English, it’s just a translation from French.

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