Heli adventure clues

Hi having trouble finding the hidden helipad at “west ham Stadium” adventure any help would help…

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Hi @Tappflyer,
First, thank you very much for buying London Heli Puzzle Tour.
Did ProfSC’s answer in the other thread help you? The helipad is at West Ham United’s stadium.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, also on Discord. You can find us on the servers of BushTripInjector (http://discord.bushtripinjector.de).

Have fun searching the London sights of this tour.

Hi still not found this west ham stadium helipad, have taken off from Wimbledon helipad direct to west ham stadium, landed inside said stadium, no helipad.
Gone to london bridge no bells then needles no bells flown around, over and even through london bridge no bells flown back to london city airport then back to wimbledon then back to west ham stadium, no helipad, …
Please tell me what I’m not doing right…love this adventure and want to continue.

I have double checked this again. I can hear Big Ben on all fly-bys and the helipad is clearly visible inside the stadium.

  • Can you please check if you have installed the World Update UK completely?
  • There may be an issue in the status file in the cloud. If you have started the leg with “Continue”, can you please restart again with Restart, so that the leg is reset internally in the simulator?
  • Do you have any other London add-ons installed that might have a side effect on the helipads, altitude data or on the mission?

The best and fastest way to help you is still discord, because there is a more direct and faster communication possible.

Thanks again

Well i have finally solved my problem with finding helipad 2 if anyone else is having this problem check if any updated scenery that has been added isn’t hiding helipads by covering them like mine, only found it by “landing under the location” .
All my world scenery is up to date and from the msfs marketplace so it looks like one of them is interfering with this adventure which is a shame.
If a dev can look into this, mybe a fix could be found… thankyou all that have tried to solve this problem i was having it’s nice to know there are people out there that really care…

Thank you very much for the feedback. Have fun and enjoy the Heli Puzzle.