Helicopter group flight 7pm CDST(USA)

I would like to have a group flight today at or around 7pm Central Daylight Savings Time (USA). I’m thinking up the eastern seabord of the USA Starting at Linden (KLDJ), see the Statue of Liberty, Central Park Manhattan, up long island, Cape Cod, and as far up as we want to go… I’m on the USA East server if that matters

Contact: @NotYourCFI HypePerformanceGroup discord, and MSFS handle Tooldog007. All are welcome.

ADDITION: It would be great if we had someone familiar with NYC area direct us around.

The H135 cruises about 135kts IAS, YMMV.

I dont have a helicopter as of yet, but maybe I’ll bring my Caravan and do some pics of the ordeal er event if Im up lol ;p

if anyone wants to try the H135, its freeware. Airbus H135 Helicopter Project » Microsoft Flight Simulator

and a link to the latest build is at their discord server. I’m not a team member of the HypePerformanceGroup by the way.