Helicopter Group Flight - RSP (formerly RotorSimPilot Group)

Its Wednesday so we must fly :helicopter: Is what we say every week now going on 2 years over at the RedheronSimPilots discord, (formerly RotorSimPilot). Helicopter group flights are still very much a thing and a great group of heli enthusiasts talking about all the wonderful heli models we have in the sim while checking out the amazing scenery, helipads, volcanos, rivers, etc. while staying low! Join us every Wednesday for the group flight, or just checkout the many channels we have for each heli (and some still in development) ask for support, livery creations, hardware and scenery recommendations…

• Date/Time: Every Wednesday. 2030z - Skids up T+10min

Join us in the Discord to find out where we fly next!: RSP Discord