Helicopter listing/helipads

I own the H145 from the hype performance group which is not listed under “rotorcrafts”, it’s listed under “others”. Even though version 1.0 has been adapted to the latest patch which includes helicopters, i can’t choose helipads on the map. Is the listing the issue or is there more to it?

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My guess is that HPG may need to patch their helicopter, as that option may not have been available to them when they created it.
Customers may want to reach out to HPG to get this fixed.

According to a post on HPG’s Discord, the H145 V1.00 has the keyword “Helicopter” in the aircraft.cfg file instead of “Rotorcraft”. For now, you can edit the file manually, looks like future versions will have it fixed. Have to do it for every Livery you use.

I am quoting the Discord post:

The file is aircraft.cfg . It’ll be in every livery. The line in there is ui_typerole="Helicopter" . It needs to become ui_typerole="Rotorcraft" .