Helicopters gurus - please evaluate my upcoming cyclic/collective purchase

Twist axis is not needed with Virpils, if you only use it to adjust wrist angle. Just set the angle and tighten locking screw.
I bought No-Twist axis version of a WarBRD grip. It’s quite good with the helos. Only gripe with it is 8 way POV button, it’s really numbless!

I have basically the same setup and I warmly recommend buying VPC Rotor Counter-Balance Kit with the collective. The movement of the collective is a bit heavy and my upper arm got hurt. It could also be because I can’t get it installed in a completely optimal position in my chair. Anyway, with the add-on, the collective is light as a swing!

Upgraded version of the collectives comes now with Counter-Balance kit.

The Rotor TCS lineup has now been [UPGRADED] and includes the hugely popular Rotor Counter-Balance Kit installed as standard from the VIRPIL factory!


I missed that. Good to know. Thanks.
I’ll remove the counterbalance from my cart.

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I’m a little confused. Can you set the wrist angle at the attachment point of the WarBRD grip to the extension, or the extension to the gimbal? Without a set index point on the grip / extension / base attachment points, it seems I’d want the lockable twist axis on the grip itself to get the correct wrist angle.

You can set at both ends of the extension. Just tighten at the angle you want. Twist is another axis and can be locked off if needed so worth having iMHO.

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You can do both. It’s possible to rotate both freely until big main screw (screw collar) are tight.
Twist axis -versions has also 3 separate locking screws and 1 screw for locking twist axis itself. Better check out the support manual how to mount grip!

Knowing I can buy a grip w/o the twist axis may just save me some money.

I swear when I first looked at the WarBRD grip it didn’t have a ‘No twist grip’ option. I was mistaken. It’s just that if you get the twist option you can’t lock it. But I don’t need twist now that I know how to set the wrist angle without it. :ok_hand:

Thanks guys.

Now the question is: If I plan to also use the stick for military jets in DCS (mostly F-18 and A-10) should I upgrade to the V.F.X. (I do own the IndiaFoxEcho F-14 in FS2020) or the Mongoose grip (which seems pretty full-featured - but it’s tall, and Virpil specifically says it’s intended for desktop use.) Or just stick with the Alpha?

The WarBRD seems great for basic helicopters, but might be a bit limited once I get into my H145 and others with advanced systems. Or am I overthinking it?


Twist axis is lockable: “Available with Optional Lockable All-Metal Twist Axis Mechanism”

My brain, as I’m looking all these options:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :balance_scale: :partying_face: :boom:

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Is there any controller with FFB again…, or not?, or at least planned, I searched some year or two ago, and even there was not one with a rumble motor…, despite the (trolls) patents being already liberated many years ago.

I think RotorRick using some of the same equipment you have indicated above so he may be able to give you some good advise on your controls. Rick is the developer of the Flyinside helicopters. The FI 206 is all I fly. You can always hop on the discord group and ask your questions there as well. FlyInside Helicopters


The WarBrd is not recommended for a tall extension and is designed for desk top. The CM2 or CM3 are the bases for mounting and long extensions.

I would say the Warbird grip is quite authentic for older, simpler helicopters like the wonderful FlyInside 206 and 47. But the Constellation Alpha grip is a really good fit for modern helicopters like the HPG H145 and H160. Personally I would not want to miss all the buttons on the Alpha and especially the analog thumb stick, which I use to look around (in addition to head tracking).


We talked about the WarBRD grip, not the base. But otherwise you are correct.

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I posted the question on the Discord. Thanks for the link.

I don’t have that issue.
Have you tried recalibrating? or contacting PFT support or the DCS forums?

Have you tried calibrating it in Windows ( I think search for configure USB controller)

Mine works fine for me in DCS and msfs. The twist throttle is a tad jumpy, but the collective works fine

Yeah I ve tried that

Oh yes, here is my Force Feedback back, if I could I would buy only this, if not other FFB in the market then, to compare. I want that chair too.