Helicopters to Hobbiton! ~90kts

Join us for some helicopters around New Zealand!
Aircraft: Guimbal or any heli that can cruise around 90kts
Friday March 3rd @ 9pm EST on USA West server.
All welcome, casual flight. Join our Discord if you would like to voice chat (optional).
Discord: msFlights.net
Flight Conditions: All Players, Live Traffic, Custom Weather: 4pm, Live Weather or Few Clouds if bad
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

(Here’s a cool ai generated picture for the flight. I typed in “Lord of the Rings helicopter” and it gave me this.)

Hey pilots! Join us Friday night as we transport the fellowship back to The Shire. In helicopters!

I will be flying the Guimbal, but any helicopter that can maintain 90 knots indicated will be fine.

Server: West US
Weather: Few Clouds preset
4pm in game local

Friday’s flight plan is as follows:

Rotorua Departure (NZRO)
Waypoint- Hell’s Gate of Mordor
Rotorua Airport of Lothlorien (NZRR)
Waypoint LANDING- The Prancing Pony
Arrival at Hobbiton

A handy .PLN flight plan file can be found below:
Hobbiton Helicopters.PLN

Join us Friday for this beautiful flight around New Zeeland!

Happy landings,