Helipads in photogrammetric scenery work!

I did not expect to be able to find so many helipads being usable in the already implemented photogrammetric scenery such as Munich, Germany, but there are quite some usable helipads, even rooftop ones. I tried with this H135 semi-real helicopter model … and … it worked …

How can I mark those (using SDK I guess) so they can be found as a helipad / airport in my airport menu and how can I tell the system that I would like to place the helicopter there for a start?

wouldn’t it be great if people did this for every photogrammetry city around the world?
should be pretty easy, for e.g. Munich, once I know how to do it …

You would create an “airport” at each Helipad, if it’s not already there.

First I also would like to point out that the HPG A135 is an amazing project … and that a heli is a impressive way to cruise around (photogrammetry) cities.

Regarding the “helipad” topic I discovered the following (in Barcelona).

  • The triangles of photogrammetry landscape are not “solid” by default. I was not able to land on the flat house roofs in the city … not even the “official” helipads. I would expect those surfaces to be solid.

  • The ships in the harbor seem to be tagged as “water” … so that landing on the helipad of one big ship case my H135 to “crash into the water” … at around 10 to 20 meters above sea level

  • Some “landscape” in Barcelona is “layered” … I had one soccer area where the “solid” part for around 1 meter below the “free floating” grass.

So I understand that Asobo have not yet officially declared this to be “heli ready” … as there clearly are a number of aspects in the game world that need adjustments.

That said … there are also a number of Helipad (e.g. in New York and Munich) which do work nicely.

I am looking forward to for the official “heil support” (… and the H145)

For ones that you just want to mark the location of and be able to start in the air near or navigate to, you could mark them as a Point of Interest in the sdk. This would be simple and you could add dozens to one project.

For ones that are non landable, you could always create polygons and surfaces for them, but thats a whole other level :slight_smile:

I do not “have to” land on those places … and I get your point that I could build my own “work around hotfix” add-ons if I were desperate. So yes, point taken, and you are right when it comes to possible hot fixes.

But my observation was that something in the scenery creation workflow at Asobo seems very inconsistent. I almost feels like they do not even have “one” post processing or “cleanup” pipeline … because photogrammetry is different in different cities when it comes to the triangles “being solid”.

I actually do not understand why the PG triangles are not solid everywhere by default because the sim should not disable “hit detection” on any of those surfaces.