Now that we have a helicopter to work with, I am trying to make my local hospital a heliport. The issue I’m running into is that you can only place parking stalls at ground level. I am trying to place on on top of a building. Is there any way to do this currently?

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You might put up an appeal at flightsim.to as well.

I bought the Okavango Delta scenery pack the other day, from Sim Works Studios, and many of the camps included have elevated helipads. That said, I have not tried landing on them, so I don’t know whether they are merely cosmetic or fully solid objects.

Having just built a helibase, I have a few pointers…

#1. There MUST be a runway. It can be tiny and hidden but it must exist. If you only have parking spots, the “airport” will not appear on the World Map.

#2. IFAIK all runways, taxiway points, and parking spots can be above ground level. Just turn off “snap to ground” and move the thing vertically with the gizmo.

So, what I’d do is create a very short, narrow, transparent, non-ground-snapping runway with only 1 spawn point. Move this up to the building roof line and cover it up (if needed) with one of the “helispot” objects which are only graphics, they don’t have spawn points.