Hello, is there an option to remove all MSFS data and start a completely clean game?(microsoft store)

I want to delete all saves data and start clean game but IDK how to do it. Is anyone have an idea how to do this ?


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shell:appsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -DeleteCloudSaves

But be prepared to loose all past saved data, ie Logbook, achievements, custom settings etc etc

You can also backup (when MSFS is not running), most of this data, by saving the WGS folder (subfolders & Files).

Restoration is a little tricky, as you have to fool MSFS to use the restored WGS folder data, and not that Data saved on the cloud.

I had to do this (Successfully) yesterday, after corrupting one of the files in this folder structure, with an incorrect manual edit.

Moral: Always make a backup, before editing files !!

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And how exactly is this tricky Restoration of the Wgs folder? I tried the obvious but it did not work for me. I also asked you the same question more than a year ago, but I was not priviliged enough to get an answer from you. I have seen this exact answer before from you, but you never show exactly how to do it. It is easy to advise without details. Thank you.


The restore process is quite logical.

You have to fool the Cloud system, not to overwrite your restored data. This is how I do it – there may well be other ways.

Fortunately, I think this will only work for PC users… X-box I have not idea about, as I do not have an X-box controller to play with

With MSFS closed, write back your save WGS folder and its sub-folders & data.

Start MSFS, and as it doe snot have access to the cloud, it will use your restored data.

Once MSFS is fully up and running, re-connect the Internet.

Close MSFS by the menus system, (Do not X out)

Restart MSFS, and it should give you the option ti use either
The old Cloud Data
The More recent data on your PC

Choose the more recent data on your PC.

Then Shut down MSFS, and it will save that recent restored data back to the cloud.

Then you can start MSFS again normally, and it gets that restored/saved data form the cloud as normal, and your are Restored,

There MAY be other, quicker/simpler ways, but the above way I use, and it works.


A well deserved thank you for the detailed advise. I missed to disconnect MSFS from the internet when I restarted in the second step. Thank you again.

Let us know how you got on …

The instructions I gave you were from memory

I think they were pretty good, the spelling not so much, lol, thanks again

Will all of your plane that you bought disapear or you still own them and just need to download them

Correct. You still have that license when you bought. They will be available in your Content Manager.