Hello my problem is that the cockpit

hello my problem is that the cockpit is found at 3 meters above normal (HTC VIVE COSMOS) an idea

use the arrow keys and alt+arrows to fix your view.

hello, I have the same problem with my htc vive cosmos, I can no longer use the vr at all, same position, impossible to move in the cockpit, either with the arrows or with Alt + arrows. what to do ? I contacted htc, they told me it was from flight simulator, since everything works in other games.

Check to make sure there is a binding set for cockpit camera up/down.
Also there should be a binding to re-center the view…
Double check your bindings…seems the sim resets settings sometimes without warning

Reset VR view by pressing spacebar (default)


If pressing the spacebar key doesn’t reset your view, you might have better luck with editing the camera cfg file to physically move yourself back into the flight deck.

Normally, the camera cfg file is edited only when a person wants to create custom views (by moving out of the flight deck and into the cabin). In your case, it may help by moving you back into the flight deck, given the arrow keys don’t seem to be getting you there.

Are you hitting any invisible walls that prevent you from moving any further?

It might be worth trying editing the camera cfg file on one plane just to see if it helps get you back playing in VR.


good evening, no no, I tried everything, nothing works, I tried to center with space, find myself as in the photo, I uninstalled everything (fs 2 times, htc 3 times, steamvr 3 times) even with the direction keys I just lean on the cockpit window, the only plane with which I manage to fly is the old biplane since it has no canopy, on the other hand yesterday, I I (a little) pushed a “rant” with htc services, and this morning…:
Dear Customer,


We are sorry and always here to help.

We received feedback from R&D Team that regarding MSFS position error, we will release fix on 22/11/2022 TP time, please take BETA update according to its VIVE console version. SA will be published via SA20221121VR253.

Thanks for understanding.

Wishing you a pleasant day.



Live Customer Service

for your information, I put a youtube link to show you my problem:
GROS BUG VR Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 suite mise Ă  jour - YouTube

That is good to hear, hopefully the patch goes well and you will be back up and flying again soon.


It’s a good day !!
that’s it !!! youhouuu … finally … after the beta update, I finally managed to center the VR view … so for all users of htc headsets and who have the problem, you have to switch to beta mode under htc console and the update will be done! :wink:

youpi with the latest HTC update everything is back to normal so problem solved. thank you for all the answers provided which have been very useful to me

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