Hello Quick Question on the Mandatory Core Content Manger

Ii have a question. I apologize if i put this in the wrong section im still trying to make sure i post it in the right place ill get the hang out it. But anyways. I noticed that there’s no more notification bell or freezing on the map. But when i checked my content Manger like I always do to just do a check I see the core content is installed but it says reboot game and all to update and i have done it like 4 of 5 times since last night I’m just going on with it. But does anyone know why it would be doing that or is it the xbox and beta testing and the msfs fixes are apparently working if the game isn’t all froze up with the Bell and world map isnt measing up. Its working great. but now this. Is this just how they basically imput new updates or Hotfixes threw this. I sepnt alot of time around military IT people with my dad. But I don’t no why this is up. I have a good guess any help or advice id appericate But it started last night when the problems stopped on the map and all. Thanks guys. Respectfully Chris. #xbox #bugs-and-issues

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The issue you’ve described appeared when SU9 was released.

Do a search for “core content” in that horrifically long thread and you’ll see your issue described.

Unfortunately, it is unknown if this issue is being/will be addressed by the developers.