Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

UPDATE: The patch v1.25.9.0 fixed none of the below issues.

UPDATE 2: Updated the bug titles that have improved or possibly been fixed server-side.

UPDATE 3 (SEPTEMBER 23): Deleted the embedded videos from YouTube as they are no longer relevant.

I have to say, in advance, that Sim Update 9 proved to be the worst update since the infamous Sim Update 5, at least on Xbox, at least in my case. I’d like to ask the Xbox community whether they experience the same issues as I am. Also in advance: I use no third-party scenery add-ons and no external peripherals on Xbox. The only thing I have downloaded are some livery packs.

Sim Update 9, unfortunately, has introduced the following problems, which I’ve encountered only by a few flights (or flight attempts) yesterday and today.

Splash screen (Seems to be fixed with

  • After starting the game on Xbox, the splash screen appears for exactly 89 seconds. I measured. 1 minute 29 seconds before the game actually starts playing the company logos. Before Sim Update 9 it was around 8-10 seconds. Now it’s 10 times longer. :exclamation:
  • To get from the Xbox dashboard to the main menu of Flight Simulator, it takes a full 306 seconds (5 minutes and 6 seconds). 89 of which is the splash screen seen below. This is completely unacceptable.

Unnecessary notification (Seems to be fixed with

  • At the top of the screen there’s an “All downloads are complete” notification, every time I start the sim. It doesn’t need to be there as I have already updated everything yesterday.

UI lock-up / CTD (Seems to be fixed or improved with

  • The menu system now has a tendency to “freeze” for several seconds before changing screens. For example, I try to go to the World Map and it locks up for 10-15 seconds before actually displaying the World Map.
  • The game crashes on the World Map, following the same lock-up for 10-15 seconds. It happens randomly but around half the time I’d like to create a flight plan (or just look at the globe). After the CTD it’s a chore to start the sim again (see the Splash Screen issue). (Partially fixed

Performance degradation (Partially improved with

  • While the sim is generally stable at 30 fps, I noticed a huge performance deficit in the F/A-18E Super Hornet. Haven’t tested all aircraft but in the cockpit of the Hornet the game stutters terribly, especially noticeable while looking around. The external view is smooth but for some reason, performance is severely lowered in cockpit view. Applies on the ground, flying at low or even high altitudes.
  • UPDATE: It appears that the severe performance issues and stuttering apply for all aircraft, especially airliners.

Repeated connection problems (Seems to be fixed with

  • Every few minutes in a flight I get the “Connection lost” error panel, which interrupts the gameplay. The game automatically reconnects a few moments later, only to lose connection again in a minute or so. This makes flying unenjoyable, especially hand-flying an aircraft.

Frozen avionics (Seems to be fixed or improved with

  • The default G1000 glass cockpit screens and the Airbus A320neo (default) avionics screens become unresponsive and unusable after a while. The VFR map freezes at the same time.
  • The G1000 screens freeze after about an hour of flying, but they become working again when the aircraft reaches the next waypoint in the flight plan (if you have one).
  • The Airbus 320neo screens freeze if you press the CSTR button. :exclamation:

Boeing 787-10 / 747-8i Unable to Follow Flight Plan (Seems to be improved but not fully fixed with

  • Flight plans created on the World Map don’t upload properly into the FMC of the Boeing 787-10, they have missing waypoints, “holes” (see attached picture). When the aircraft reaches such a break in the plan, the autopilot loses navigation and instead turns back to the very first waypoint. This affects both PC and Xbox.
  • It’s also not possible to edit the flight plan and add the missing waypoints. The FMC doesn’t offer this functionality. Therefore it’s not possible to fly a full flight with the Boeing 787-10.
  • UPDATE: This affects the Boeing 747-8i as well.
  • (Example route to recreate: EGLL - EFHK)

I have created bug reports for some of these issues. I don’t like to say it, but it looks like Sim Update 9 really pushed the Xbox version of Flight Simulator backwards by a lot. The whole experience is more cumbersome, way slower to load, unstable and annoying (because of the connection losses). It’s an underwhelming update, which is a huge shame, considering all the bug fixes that are included. Now it resembles how it all started on Xbox. :disappointed:


I agree with you on all points. the beta was even better than this release.


I’ve had lots of issues too with my Xbox Series X. CTDs on the world screen when selecting flights - the cursor starts to lag, stutter, followed by CTD.
Huge stutters and lags during approach and landing to egjb R27 with few clouds preset
Now I have got add-one inc SWS Kodiak, Grumman Goose, Trislander and Aviat Husky. Also three vessel packs.
Uninstalled all and performance problems did reduce. Seems that the traffic ( vessel packs caused some of the issues for me). Biggest issues were around rolling cache though - and I got a big improvement when I set it to 16.
It’s better now, not perfect by any means. - looks to me as though the X series is trying to render buildings further away? Would like to hear whether Xbox S owners are having similar problems to Series X as I think series X may be more prone to stutters? I wonder Is there some kind of memory issue with Xbox going on? And is the X-series more affected?
Either way, you’re right, this SU9 is a big step back for Xbox users. Yes I’ve got my sim back to the point where it isn’t unplayable( it was for all last night after the update) but it’s taken a long time and the CTDs from the World screen are a breaker. I’d like a rollback for Xbox users and an investigation into the root causes as it’s got big implications for further/future updates.


I have the same problem.

It is a chain of CTD.CTD.CTD.


I generally try to stay positive and things have been fine on su9 beta but I have experienced many of the issues noted above to the point where it’s almost unusable for me now on xbox x. I did not get any updates this week (presumably because I was already on beta) but it’s like a “break xbox” switch was flipped. I had already planned on switching to PC (gathering components now) for a variety of reasons, but this certainly is another one to add. First time in 4 months the game has become unusable for me on xbox. What happened?!


All is said

Now what’s next ?

No reaction from Asobo and Microsoft…

Even to apologize for these issues…


Honestly, this is my biggest gripe. I’d like to fly and now just sitting here and watching this for more than a minute now.

Why can’t it start as before? :exploding_head:


I made the move to PC 3 months ago because all my add-ons kept breaking. I know sometimes you start to wonder if you are making the right choice making the switch. I can tell you, this last three months, I haven’t regretted it at all, and have been really happy with the sim.


Server issue, try to disconnect internet plug from Xbox and launch msfs off line

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Probably not much point me wasting my time tonight then. Very disappointing

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I’ve had similar experiences with SU9 but for me it started after the mysterious update that happened during the beta. Since then it’s been horrible and release version more of the same.

There is also a weird bug where if you pause the game using “X” home button, then change a setting and go back to flying. Your plane all of a sudden has a large negative pitch added like -100 and you are put into a sudden nose dive and out of control…

So many lock ups and CTD now, very disappointing update.

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Myself and a few other people I fly with have complained about not being able to taxi anymore apart from the F/a 18

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Could someone let me know when’s it’s playable again on Xbox.


Yes, I’m on Series X and getting all what you mention. Loaded up tonight CTD 3 times, all whilst on the World Map. Controller locks up for about 15 secs then either jumps around the screen or crashes. Flying the C172 is terrible no control at all.


Did you check the position of the yoke after coming back from pause? Usually I have to move the yoke back into the c (climb) detent. Same goes for the “autothrottle”: I usually have to switch it on manually after coming back from a pause… worthwile to check… but these are issues that existed prior to SU9 already.

@Dreampage ,you have 100% the same problem I have had since immediately after I updated Xbox X with su9 .Even tried a full reinstall ,total waste of time as it made zero difference,boy am I seriously bored with this fixing then breaking cycle some of us are locked into,I sent Zendesk a report.

On I side note I noticed that the wooooosh sound you get at startup when the Asobo/ shark thingy screen momentarily pops up is now silent…does it mean anything of significance ??

Here the same performance degradation on both my MSFS pc’s so it’s not just XBox.

12900K @ 5.2 / RTX 3090 / 32 Gb 4266 cas 16 / 2 Tb M2

With earlier SU I always had 50+ fps locked at 30.

Now within 45 minutes the framerate stops to below 12. Just made a TestFlight over the Netherlands where I took of and landed at Schiphol.


Every update on xbox series (S in my case) has degraded the performance of the sim. This last one left a lot of things broken.

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OK, let’s add to the bug list that glass cockpit screens and the VFR map all freeze under various circumstances, basically making flying impossible.


Exactly the same here, I’m on Xbox, connection error panel is very annoying, just not able to fly since a long time now, very disappointed.

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