Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

Where are the community manager? Hey guys do you know what 's happening?
Mayday Mayday Mayday! We declaring an emergency! FS is just unplayable!


All the issues mentioned above, I have it too. Very good start post. But now what?


Would be great to be acknowledged. That would be a start


Since the SU9 update I cannot even get past the world map let alone fly.
I have been on this sim alot recently really enjoying it but now they have gone and broken it again with this update.
I swear blind Asobo never test their updates because they would know it is broken surely.


This has to be the MSFS server issue that they can’t seem to figure out… I have the same specs as you, except have DDR5 RAM (32gb) and my performance is smooth as silk. A week ago, during the beta, though I experienced terrible FPS like you’re showing. Has to be on their side.

i think the further draw distance of the XBX made the sim not as smooth as on the XBS before SU9. haven`t tried the SU9 on my XBS but on my XBX i have most of the same problems you have. its like its now running on an under powered p.c. ,everything from menu onwards is clunky and even have to wait for ther globe to get into focus. very disappointing


I can confirm avionics freeze up in the stock A320 as well.


Yep. Update 9 has completely broken the Xbox version! Unacceptable from Asobo/Microsoft.


I was looking forward to getting some PMDG products for my Xbox X when the wasm thing is fixed,but as it is now since SU9 it would be absolutely impossible with a complex aircraft,I could barely pan around in the cockpit just now as it was so spectacularly stuttery I was expecting it to ctd at any moment,I have had a pretty easy time with Xbox (mouse issues the exception) while pc users had a bad time .
Maybe this is payback time for Xbox users :sob:


I was going to purchase Concorde this week, but I think I may hold off. As an Xbox user, SU9 is giving me cold feet as far as spending more money on this sim right now…


Admittedly only got a chance earlier for a short flight but it was fine on my series x, only issue I noticed was it hanged for about 8secs when clicking on world map.

I have all live services enabled and a rolling cache of 16gb.


You shouldn’t have to cripple the sim like that in order for it function. We should be able to run it as the developers intended…


Definitely something funky going on with the world map…avionics on the stock A320 freezing up is happening to a lot of us.


I think they should give up with the monthly updates.

Was this tested in a beta?
do these bugs not happen in beta?
aren’t these people meant to report back any stability issues?

Why release something that clearly doesn’t work with the console. It’s madness.


For me…, my most recent (not cheapest) purchase of the Concorde has certainly not disappointed me. And if I could advise you: Buy.

This Concorde not only ‘takes more breath’ herself, she seems to ‘give it back’ to you: spectacular! You’ll not regret it and you’ll be able to fully enjoy it (even without ‘weatherconditions’).

A few days ago I was allowed -yes, I say this consciously- to fly from Tehran to Dubai, while te sun slowly appeared on the horizon. The lights of this magnificent historic aircraft flashing in colorvariety towards the new world. Earth presenting itself slightly curved at great height. Google Maps at your fingertips, eager to shape my exploration at groundlevel. Gratefully relieved and satisfied after touchdown I entered the bridge.

With your purchase I aim to give you, MSFSFreak2019, new pleasure in your gaming- experience. 'MSFSFreak2022’ ?

Best regards, fenni059 - Netherlands


I experience all this as well. Worst update so far for me on xbox x. Its just sad.


I’m on Xbox X,

I too have everything off and turned down and still CTD after the mouse freezes on the world map…then Boom ! black screen back to Xbox home screen. No sound on the developers flash screens and aircraft being buffered by mysterious wind from out of nowhere. I’m only using the Xbox Controller (20th Anniversary), keyboard and mouse. I have to play offline or else its unplayable.

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I think it’s ridiculous the concessions that need to be made in order to get the sim to perform even half normally. The Series X is a beast and it should be able to handle whatever you can throw at it. I do think there are some serious memory leaks or something going on that’s being overlooked.


Could this be caused by a rolling cache issue? I noticed that each time I start the sim, my rolling çache resets itself to “off”. I believe it used to be “on” with a 8 Gb limit before the update.

I haven’t played in a couple days but going to the basement to take the SU9 plunge, will see what happens. Going to make sure to delete rolling cache and hard reboot before downloading anything.

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