Thanks Alot SU9

Series X here and it’s not good since SU9.
Crashes at splash screen.
If you can get in the UI locks up til you reset and go through the splash crash again.
You can’t plot custom flight plans.
Constant reversion to off line mode even with good connection speeds.
Major lagging once your in the cockpit
CTD when ATC mumbles at you.
Very poor quality control from the update team im affraid.

Makes you wonder if the update team actually play the game when they not on there Uber machines at the office.


There is a poll on another forum and the vast majority of users have had no issues, the majority of those have even seen noticeable improvements. I’m sorry it is your turn to have issues (for me it was SU8) but don’t make it sound like SU9 has ruined the game - for most it really hasn’t.


Agree 100%. I spent over $1,000 AUD on an Xbox Series X, the sim, and Gamepass, plus addons, and flight controllers purely for FS2020 and now it’s an unplayable pile of garbage. Sort it out. This is totally unacceptable. We are all on the same hardware, with the same walled garden of addons to choose from. Why is it so broken?!

Additionally, why are third party addons (mainly airports) submitted to the app store when they just cause constant CTDs? Are these even tested on a real Xbox prior to approval? (Yes I have tried removing other addons to isolate the issue)
It’s unbelievable that developers still do not have proper tools or means to accurately test their add-ons before releasing to the Xbox FS Marketplace.


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You didn’t quote me there at all

Apologies, I quoted the wrong source :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Honestly, I’m sorry some are having issues with SU9. When I read some of the reports I was concerned but for most it really is an improvement over SU8.

Let’s hope things improve for those having problems.


Yep, better don’t buy any 3rd party airports atm. Saves you a lot of headaches.

I bought the 787-10 liveries pack from 4Simmers, and that’s great. But there is severe lag inside the cockpit as well, I haven’t seen this before. Outside the plane it’s butter smooth… I’m on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Athens in the Etihad livery which is great. 1.5 hours in so far so good. Let’s see when we reach the approach phase…

I took part of the SU9 Beta and had huge performance issues after updating to SU9. I even switched back between SU8 and SU9 several times and could repeat the performance problems. Others had no issues at all, so I was a bit baffled and frustrated by the thing

So I was thinking that may either the update process had something to do with it or there might have been stuff accumulated in the OneStore folder from a previous version that might have caused issues. I did the following (I use MS Store version. Don’t know if Steam has the same folder structure):

  1. Deleted MSFS and deleted “Official/OneStore” folder
  2. completely reinstalled MSFS with SU8 from scratch.
  3. made a backup copy of my SU8 “Official/OneStore” folder on a different drive to be able to revert back to SU8 in case the Beta didn’t work for me
  4. deinstalled MSFS SU8
  5. deleted the OneStore folder
  6. restarted the computer and
  7. reinstalled SU9 Beta
  8. copied OneStore folder over from backup
  9. started MSFS and directed it to the location of the “Official/OneStore” folder.

This way I got the most current data in the OneStore folder, and added everything that was new in SU9 Beta. And for me it worked. Since the complete reinstall I’m rid of any ground stutters or other performance issues I had had after entering SU9 Beta

Obviously this method cannot be used anymore since there’s no way to revert back to SU8. But in case it really was something in the “Official/OneStore” folder you could still try a reinstall of the whole MSFS anyway if you got the bandwidth to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

In any case I would try first to only reinstall SU9 and keep the “Official/OneStore” folder, in case the error is somewhere in the update from SU8 to SU9. That’s only about 2GB of data and can be done quickly even with a slow internet connection.

The procedure would look like this:

  1. Rename your “Official” folder to “Backup” or something similar
  2. Deinstall MSFS.
  3. Restart Computer
  4. Reinstall MSFS
  5. Rename “Backup” to “Official” again
  6. Start MSFS and direct it to where the “Official/OneStore” folder is located. MSFS should recognise it and only install what is necessary for SU9.

Obviously this is a “do it at your own risk” idea. For me it worked and I didn’t break the game with it. I cannot guarantee anything.

Good luck

Yes I’m hoping they putting in the overtime to sort some kind of hotfix ASAP.
I love this game when it’s reasonably playable but right now it’s not for many of us inferior console owners.

And as you can see by my avatar I’m use to playing buggy games lol


Console users don’t have that option

It would be interesting to compare the use of the COMMUNITY folder against those that are experiencing bad performance, compared to those of use with pretty good performance with an EMPTY Community Folder. Personally, I have pretty good performance on a very low end PC but have NOTHING in my community folder. Is there a relationship here ?

You heard it in the last Q&A.

Asobo Devs claiming g they have fixed issues, and that the issue no longer exists on THEIR particular PC configuration, but yet even Jorg, still having the issue.

It might be instructive to know exactly what Computer Setup, the Devs at Asobo are using, and if they do final testing on EXACTLY the same release version that we get, or are still running in development/debug mode, on a debug build.

There has to be a good reason why Asobo believes Bugs are fixed, yet “SOME” in the Community still experience those issues,


What they have probably guaranteed is the really hot line to their own server. :wink:


Very much this, I think one of them stated they were using an RTX 2060 but this was some time ago.

Their server or the MS Azure Servers ?

So much is not known for sure , or just “assumed” – its difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions… - not that that is what “users” should be required to do in any case !!!

last year or so, i have read 2080+ti

I guess the data line to Azure is also a bit thicker. Programming is done securely on an in-house server.

You can always do a complete reinstall

I just cannot imagine how some people can have so many problems and so many others can be just fine and dandy.

I believe that if you were somehow able to watch the performance of every PC on these forums who’s owners say they’re problem-free, you would find SOMETHING wrong on many of them - lags, an occasional CTD, a need to reduce graphics quality to create a decent experience, etc. My guess is also that many people have lowered their expectations so much that as long as they don’t CTD and can take off and land without problems, they have declared that they now have a perfect experience.

I also believe that some (NOT ALL) of the people who rave about MSFS now are saying their experience is perfect because they’re too embarrassed to admit they’re having problems after shelling out huge bucks for a new dedicated MSFS system. Well I’m not. I have what I’d call a really good system (10850k, 32 gig, RTX3070) and I have had to tweak mine as many of you have, and on some days, it works great, but on others, not so much.

And I have to assume there are others who bought MSFS, installed it, tried it, and didn’t like it because it wasn’t what they were expecting, or it was so buggy that they have already given up on it and moved on to some other game. We’ll never hear from those users.

Rant over.


I am sorry to read about the issues experienced in this thread.
I am closing it, but not because the issues are not valid but rather to keep everything in the same place.
The existing threads for interested parties to give feedback are the official SU9 thread (Discussion + Poll: Sim Update 9 ( or the specific xbox thread (Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9)

I would encourage use of those threads instead.