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I have built a toggle box with this joystick kit (Free shipping Arcade Joystick DIY Kit Zero Delay USB Encoder Arcade Kit To PC PS3 Sanwa Joystick For Arcade jamma|Coin Operated Games| - AliExpress)

Specific I am tring to configure the lights toggles on the Airbus

And on the simulator controls settings I can’t to it for each toggle position seperatly , it’s messed up.
Is there an addon ? or software outside the simulator that can help me with that ?

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Unsure on the specifics and I am sure that others will pile in, but it sounds the sort of thing that Axis and Ohs or SpadNext could help with.

Any idea of free solutions ?

Errr… Sadly, no. (But others might!)

Have a look in the cockpit builders section of the forum and maybe consider asking the mods to move the thread there, as there are some serious system geeks in there. Good luck!

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