Help downloading the Nordic World Update (or any buggy download for that matter)

I have an extremely high-end PC which is in exceptional condition, both in terms of its hardware and installations. Everything works perfectly, apart from FS2020. I am not contacting Zendesk, as support services always imply that I am at fault, and after enjoying a prior career in some very serious software engineering and systems deployments, I am quite satisfied that it isn’t me. Now that I have that out of the way, does anyone have a list or herbal remedies available to try when you simply can’t get the software to finish an unfinished World Update download? I expect it will involve deleting patch files that haven’t been decompressed yet, together with tossing bones across a desk and a myriad of arcane incantations. Whatever your shamanic tricks are, please post them so that I can get my sim completely up-to-date. Thank you :slight_smile:

The tips we would give you would be those on the Support FAQ list. I assume you have already run through those?

I am working through from time-to-time. About to try out disabling Windows auto-tuning. I get really busy sometimes, so resolving issues can take me many weeks, which is very frustrating.

Before disabling auto tuning, first run the command that that shows you its current status. The default should be on, and “Normal” IIRC.

netsh interface tcp show global

I have to admit, I must be getting long in the tooth. For the first time ever, I appear to have an issue with Malwarebytes. Once disabled … voila! (Holds head low in shame).

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Did it give you any pop-ups or warnings at all? It might be worth bringing those to their attention as they are almost certainly false positives.

No, it was utterly silent and there is no record of any intervention. I will be raising it with them in due course. Thank you for showing interest and offering help, I was at first assuming that Murphy’s Law had caught up with me, but instead, it was Occam’s Razor. :slight_smile:

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