Help finding Fauna

Is there something I’m missing in the options to turn on Fauna?

I have tried to find many of the birds or animals in this sim but have never seen one yet.

I’ve tried spawning my plane from the marker on the map or by flying to that area from a nearby airport. I turned on the POI markers options and I fly around the area it shows and still nothing.

I watched a few You Tube vids of a guy flying around Lake Tahoe and flew in exactly the same spot as him but still nothing.

Anyone any ideas?

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When you go into the World Menu, go to the search box below the airport one, and enter what you are looking for, for eg Flamingoes.That should bring up the coordinates of different locations they are present as Points of Interest . Set one as your destination and climb into a slow GA aircraft and go check it out. Let me know how it works for you!

Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately that’s my problem, I know how to find the locations they are supposed to be at but when I fly there I don’t see anything. I watched a you tube vid of a guy at Lake Tahoe where he flies low near the coast and a flock of birds fly out. Tried that in exact same location but I don’t see anything.

Maybe it has to be a certain time of day?

When you find a POI marker for Fauna on the world map, just make that your departure point.
You will literally spawn in the air right over top of them.

[Edit] Don’t forget to turn Fauna on in your World Map filters.

Trying that right now; will report back

That’s what I’ve been trying at various fauna locations but I’ve not seen a single bird or mammal.
Just wondered if there was some option to turn animals on or off that I had missed but seems it’s some other issue.

An option in the assistance tab puts a marker over the fauna actually during flight. Still might take a bit of hunting around to find the marker, but certainly makes it easier to locate them and then see them once you get up close.

Yes as I metioned I had the marker option switched on and I see the marker from the cockpit but flying all around it at 200 - 500 AGL I see nothing but scenery, no animals at all.

Taken with the drone:

The markers are pointing straight at the fauna - if you get close to the bottom of the marker, and still can’t see them there must be something seriously wrong, but goodness knows what.

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