Help getting MSFS to see Simconnect button presses

Ok, so I know has a discord, I had such trouble trying to “join/claim an account” and I’m not getting any confirmation emails by opening service tickets within the app, so thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

I’m trying to assign basic GPS buttons to a button box I made and have interfaced through a LeoBodnar card. It works perfectly in Windows and in, I’m able to assign button actions that say Simconnect is sending, but I can’t get any response at all out of MSFS? How does one make this work?

GPS_ENTER_BUTTON might not be the right event. Look for specific 530 events.

For the sake of testing, assign something like “toggle gear” and see if that works (on a retractable gear plane, that is)

Thanks, I had thougt that might be a possibility but I get no search results for either “GNS” or “530” in the available button actions list though.

Quite a lot of aircraft use their own events rather than responding to the standard Simconnect events. It’s annoying but there is an answer: Mobiflight. Specifically, Mobiflight provides a WASM module which allows you to basically add events to Simconnect. There are hundreds available so far, for lots of the default aircraft and others.

To use them in Spad.neXt you need to set them up as custom client events. It’s a bit complicated to explain in a single post but there’s examples online, or DM me if you get stuck.

Download it from MobiFlight and the installer will install the WASM module for you. Once this is in place you can define client events in Spad and then use them on button presses etc. I’ve been able to completely automate the G1000 and G3000 this way with my hardware, for example.

here’s my enter button in spad. i just spam it with all the events, works in most planes


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GREAT! Thanks to all for your quick responses, as that solved it for me; I’m indeed using the Asobo 172 with the 530/430, the gps commands for AS530 work perfectly.

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AS530 is Asobo 530, because it used to be a knock-off :slight_smile:

Now with the current Garmin updates the labels are a bit misleading, but you should indeed use those. Glad you got it working!

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