Help me get rid of the exterior camera compass rose, etc. post update

I gather that we’ve had an update overnight. Haven’t explored the changes yet, but it seems to have reset certain defaults, including bringing back the above mentioned compass rose, etc. in the exterior camera view. Can someone help me remember how to get ride of that stuff?

Should be able to go into “options/Assistance Options/user experience” and turn off the “instrument heads-up display-chase cam”.
I assume you’re in the beta, since that’s the only update we’ve had. You can find the release notes here:

Thanks. That worked. Actually I am not in the beta, so I am not sure why I seemed to have received an update. Perhaps it was something else I did that reset the defaults.

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Continuing on the same theme, my cockpit buttons now light up in blue when I mouse to them. It makes a mess of certain actions. How do I get rid of that?

Never mind. I finally figured out that the reset took me out of “Legacy Mode.” Switched back and all seems well.


It was AIRAC 2505 update i think.