Help me make a repaint thumbnail?

This used to work great upon initial MSFS release… but now the default capture thumbnail in the hangar views are super dark and hard to see your paint.

How are people getting thumbs to look like the default ones? In my case I’m doing the Carenado Seneca and all of my thumbs are basically worthless…they’re tiny and dark.

I’ve cropped this one way down from the native PNG screenshot but this is basically what the thumbs look like using default methods. How can I make the lighting better and if possible how to match the Carenado Seneca liveries?

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@ryanbatc, this topic may be of assistance:

It’s been small and dark since the previous update. I still use it and brighten them up in a photo editor but still not as good as they were previously.
For the size, click on the advanced capture which opens a new window and drag the ‘shift view forward’ slider to a higher value like 3 before you capture your thumbnail. This will zoom in and give a bigger image of your aircraft.

I don’t see the shift view forward thing…where is that?

Click on the ‘Advanced Capture’ under Capture Aircraft thumbnail on the left window. It will open up a new window box with that option.

Yeah I tried that nothing else popped up. It just gets rid of the background preparing for tht regular thumbnail with blue arc on top

Check the new window isn’t hidden behind the project or inspector windows. It should be there and gives the options for forward shift of the view and also new options for technical layouts and alpha channel.

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