Help me please loading issue with rtx2070

Hi , last sunday I bought in second hand a Nvidia rtx2070 to replace my radeon rx580.
After the installation, everything works fine exept FS … I used to play a few month before with my 580 without problem but I want to earn some fps … bad joke ! microsoft support send me the usual things to do, but nothing helps, it’s still the same at the exact moment when the 2 aircraft appears (see jpg)

I’ve tried to re-install, 2 times, after a clean desinstall … I can’t say all what I’ve try cause so many things … of course all the drivers are OK and win 10 also. I bought the game by windows store
My computer is ok and very fast with all above the specifications
Now I don’t know what to do, and I will avoid to re-install win10 if possible !
thanks in advance

Is your Community folder empty?

yes it is !

Hi @Brunovaltho,
I have moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:performance as this area is for what problem you are having. Forum members may assist you better here.

sorry ! thanks a lot !