Help me with CPU

Hey everyone,

So i want to know if should i upgrade my cpu or not?

My pc is this:

i7 - 9700K , 32GB , RTX 3070 OC Gaming, SSD M.2 NVMe 1TB , SSD M.2 1TB

And i have fps drops and stutters, and im watching a stream of a guy with a i9-10900K and it is really smooth…Should i upgrade my cpu or directx12 will help?

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That system should run the Sim just fine, seems like a configuration or driver issue.
Do a few Bench Markings and go from there.
I run a 8700K on a ASUS MB with 2 1T Samsung EVO970 Plus M.2, 64GB RAM, EVGA 2080 TI FTW3 with CPU and GPU water cooled, and I run full Ultra 60fps locked and it will drop to 30 or so in major cities. No reason your system it not getting close or the same.
I am also running W11 and my Rig is just for MSFS only, nothing else on it.


It should be okay. It is the weak point, but it’s not terrible.

Have you tried reducing a few settings, just to give the hardware a little breathing space ? It’s better to have smooth and slightly worse GFX quality I reckon.

Whatever LOD you are on lower it until you are dancing between GPU limited and Mainthread limited and take it from there (it’s better to be slightly more gpu limited)

You should be fine, just need to make some tweaks in your settings and adjustments.

Also, if you havent tried it, this is a good post that I follow and helped me with my stutters and FPS issues.