Help, My CRJ doesn't work

I Just bought the CRJ by Aerosoft and it doesn’t work, when i try to turn on the tablet or the power nothing happens. I also use the Velocity One if that helps anyone, I’d just like to fly the plane i spent 51€ FOR. Thanks…

Have you emptied your community folder to ensure there isn’t something conflicting?

As well as your yolk to ensure no duplicate / conflicting binding?

Re-install CRJ?

Lastly checked / posted on their forums?

I Found out that i have a couple of missing files. They are inside the aerosoft-crj. I only have the work file inside, i dont know how to get the missing files bc reknstalling doesnt work for me.

Where did you buy it from? Marketplace or third party?


I Also have the FBW a320 and it has the problem that all switches turn but do nothing and the tablet doesnt recognize my yoke, even though it should be velocity compatible. I Also am no tech wizard, actually i suck at computery stuff.

Ah, someone else will have to chime in, not sure how you manipulate files, paths, etc… within the Marketplace.

Avoid that area like the plague if you’re on PC, unless it’s Marketplace only content.

Why don’t you just delete the CRJ in the content manager and download it again? Not sure why you think you have missing files but a fresh download will cure that.

I Have deleted and downloaded and deleted and downloaded it for like 5 times and it has done nothing, and the missing file case hasn’t been solved by re’downloading.

Hmmm. I own the plane and also purchased it from the marketplace. It was released a while back and has not been recently updated. It does work. Again, why do you think you are missing files?

I checked and inside the folder aerosoft-crj should be 5 files 1 named work and 4 starting with a lowercase m and some numbers and letters. I only have the file named work and nothing else.

There are TWO folders for most of the planes. One is in the LocalState\packages directory and is the location where settings and user specific data for each plane are stored. Sounds like you have this and the right number of files.

The other location is where the Marketplace stores the plane itself. On my system, that is D:\msfs\packages\official\onestore which I moved to the D drive when I set up the system.

If you did not move it, search for Official\OneStore and you will find the directory with all the complete packages. It is also inside the app data directory structure. Makes sense?

This is all said, I don’t think your problem has anything to do with missing files. I’d definitely suggest watching some of the YouTube videos on the CRJ. They explain how to get it started, setup, and flying. These planes are complicated–not something you just load and fly without some practice.

Still, my crj doesn’t work. It’s very annoying to pay 51€ or about 55$ for a plane that doesn’t for a unknown reason work.

Understand your frustration but nobody here can refund your money. People will help but you need to put in the time and try to work through it.

You can try opening a ticket with MS but I doubt they will issue a refund for something like this.

I would suggest the Aersosoft forums.

If you are also having issues with other aircraft I would try to go back to basics and resolve the issue that way. It is likely not an issue with the CRJ. Start with the default C172 and work up to the A320 until you find the issue. Not sure what Velocity is but that might be the problem. Drivers?

The Velocity is my Yoke (Velocity One) and i know it’s not the problem and my drivers should be up to date. Also All the default planes work normally.

And the CRJ doesn’t work even without the yoke, so i know it’s not the problem.