Help: sorting of liveries in MSFS

Hi there,

I have installed some liveries for some planes. For a long time now, I’m annoyed by the sorting of the liveries. This is a mess. I tried to change the titles in the manifest.json and the aircraft.cfg to get some sorting (for example alphabetical) into the “livery chooser” of MSFS. But it doesn’t do anything. Entries in the manifest.json seems to only show in the content manager. Changing the aircraft.cfg entries seems to not effect the sorting.

Does anybody now how MSFS is sorting the liveries? Is there any logic behind it? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Watsi01,
Could you move your post to the General Discussion category? You can do this by editing your subject line and from there will give you drop downs for sections of the forum.

The Bugs section of the forum is for MSFS default content only.

Thank you!

Done it. But actually it’s not about the liveries. It’s about how MSFS sorts them. So it is kind of default MSFS stuff.

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You can also post in the SDK section as the SDK is for creating mods and discussion.
I’m not sure what they use to sort on but you can file a zendesk for a suggestion:
Submit a Request (

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