Help with Airbus livery appreciated - cannot find specific texture

Hi fellow simmers,

maybe someone can help me with an Airbus livery. I am trying for an hour now to find the file for the texture file which textures the rear lower area of the Airbus.
To finally fix this completely distorted air refueling device texture.

When I cannot find a specific texture in a game I start to mark all the PNG files with coloured X`es … but the X for the location of the the air refueling texture shows up nowhere.

Does someone know where the texture for this distorted lines is so I can fix it?
Where is the location that textures the rear lower fuselage of the Airbus hidden, I absolutely cannot find it :smiley:

Because I could not find the air refueling lines in the texture files, I was starting to set coloured markers in all texture files to find the location of the rear fuselage per chance after backupping the original texture PNG`s - a great trick that works in Skyrim and Fallout 4 retexturing too when I am not able to find the location of a small detail on a weapon or armor…

All possible Airbus textures are now marked with various coloured X markers - but no X or colour-coded stripe is showing up on the rear fuselage to pinpoint which DDS textures the rear lower fuselage.

So please which texture is for the rear Airbus fuselage?

I think those lines come from the original A320NEO_AIRFRAME_FUSELAGE_ALBD.PNG.DDS file.

Thanks for the answer! Now I can finally fix the texture of this bird.