Help with Blender UV Editing ( to create textures for hangar)

Hi, I would appreciate some help ! I modeled this hangar but it has complex geometry and also is an open hangar so there is geometry on the inside too; and im trying to figure out how to ‘uv unwrap’ it the best way so i can apply textures.

I mainly need to apply the green roof to the side building, and the 'Hawthorne Aviation ’ font and the ‘Shell’ symbol to the front face of the hangar door.

But that part of the hangar is compressed too short to be able to do this. (see the yellow circles)

Is it best to uv unwrap the whole thing into a .png file and then work on it in Gimp separately, or is it best to apply material as i work along it, in small sub sections ?

I use ‘Smart uv unwrap’ in Blender which seems to give ok results but i am trying to have the uv texture be at the same scale as in the actual model.

I try doing simple unwrap but that gives me a more distorted uv image. I have tried to put seams where i think it will cut and ‘lay flat’ neatly, but it doesnt seem to help.

Specifically the part in yellow, i need to put some font on it so need it to be long and to the same scale as in the picture. But i cant seem to figure out how to do this.

Any help appreciated. What am i doing wrong ?

I have also seen one video where a scenery/object designer is applying material to different parts of his object, While he is still working on it.

Any help or links to helpful tips or videos is appreciated


Hi there Adnan
There Is no need to use only a single texture for an object, you can use multiple (with multiple materials)
Or, you can have multiple objects :sweat_smile:

If your problem Is the logos only i would put them in a separate texture and apply as decals

To start with? Did you apply all transformations etc to the model prior to unwrapping it?
You select all of it, then you press Ctrl A. Then you select All Transforms. When you have done this you simply unwrap it again.

To me it looks like other parts aren’t to scale either so I guess this is the case.

Hi Pinotti,

Thank you thank you thank you for your excellent hangar video on youtube. I have learnt so much about modeling from that one video than i have learnt in months.

But the texturing part is what im trying to figure out. I saw that you would texture/ uv unwrap each section of your hangar separately, like the doors, then the roof then the side with the red and white checks. and you would use project from view and then apply the texture in the uv editing section. then you would move to the next section of your hangar

Can you please walk me through how ? For example, say if i want to just apply a green texture to the sloping building next to my hangar above what do you do ?

Do you first separate each section , (in the scene collection menu on top right, then make a material then apply / assign it ? I am having trouble with the steps of it.

You can apply multiple materials to one object. What you need to do is to enter edit mode, you then select the faces your want to apply the material to. Then you go to the Material Properties tab, you select the material from the list, finally you press the Assign button.

Thank you for your help Frederico,

So i have been choosing portions of the building, separating them, then opening the material slot and putting a new material, choosing MSFS Standard, then adding a texture file into the Albedo slot, then using ‘project from view’ in the UV editor, ive been able to scale the texture and place it . Took a lot of trial and error, specially with the whole ‘collection section’, but im slowly figuring it out!

Now next step is to put the 'Hawthorne Aviatian Logo that is on the top left of the hangar door, then to separate the windows and try to make them ‘glass’. !

Also i had to flip some normals since they were not showing. Everything is blue now from the outside.

But i am making an open hangar, so now i have to figure out the inside as the face orientation inside is red. I tried to duplicate the outside face, and moved them inside, but im sure there is a better way to make an open hangar so that the faces on the inside can also be properly textured .

work in progress! I guess i am going to go back to the Aeroporto Legnago video you made and see how you applied that blue decal to the hangar door!

thanks again for all your help, much much appreciated!


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In a future tutorial i’m gonna make an open hangar (and lights)

In the mean time, the proper way of doing the inside Is applying a solidify modifier, given It a thikness of -0.3 meters and apply

With this method you don’t have to worry about flipping normals and you get proper solid walls, so you can texture them!

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Thanks for that great tip on using a Solidify modifier !

Its slowly coming along, painstakingly. Now i am stuck on the windows, as i made them MSFS Glass, but on trying to put a texture on them, it is not applying to all the windows! I am having a hard time figuring out the separate collection, and assigning/ selecting materials!

I am posting some pics , maybe you can see what im doing wrong ? I am trying to apply the glass texture on all the other windows, but even when i UV unwrap/ project from view, i see them in the UV editor in orange, but i dont see anything happening in the view port!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I did have all the windows as a ‘separate’ object as you can see in the collection menu. But those other windows are not texturing!

I solved the problem. The window faces were facing inwards! Using ‘backface culling’, i realized what had happened adn flipped the windows. now the material is showing! Its coming along!

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