Help with fps lock for more headroom

Mate, I wouldn’t bother with those fov settings with your high end PC. Just leave them at default. Also, there hasn’t been any need for encoding widths for over 6 months now. As long as you set your meta link pc app res slider full right you will get the best encoding widths automatically. With msfs, if you have enough headroom you can add 1.20 super sampling (pixel density) in ODT. I do this (and add 1.2x SS) with OTT with a msfs game profile. This extra SS will allow you to use dlss/balanced and get as good cockpit clarity as you can get with TAA, plus a lot smoother performance as well.

With my similar high end PC (i913900k/rtx4090/32Gb 6400ram) I don’t bother to use OpenXR Toolkit or any of the current dynamic tlod/olold mods/hacks. None of these are necessary for those with a rtx4080/4090 imho. All they do is add another level of unnecessary complexity.

If you want to see my best Link settings ou can refer to my earlier post;

Anyway, I don’t think I can add anything else so I’ll sign off now. Good luck mate, bye, and cheers.